Auskunftde Now offers nearly four million entries company information to companies in all Germany Hamburg, December 15, 2010 the company directory offers even more comfort in finding company. Regardless of whether particular company or entire industries: get with the map search users quick insight where there are suitable companies around a chosen location. To, all results are clearly shown in a map. On request in the detail view provides additional information such as contact details, reviews, and images to a company. The map search is interesting just for users who know not the exact address of a company or simply want to gain an overview of certain businesses in the area. Typical everyday examples are here the search for a doctor or a bakery”, so Founder Daniel Grozinger. With the map search we complete our range of and help users more easily to find the information”, added Grozinger. The function of the map search is simple: In the search box enters the user in addition to the name, the company or the desired industry and already shows the appropriate entries on a clear map.

To show more hits or the existing limit, can the users sort the entries by industries or use the convenient zoom function. offers with almost four million entries of company information to companies throughout Germany. At, users can find businesses either through a convenient search function or through a business directory. The offer is completely free for users as well as for companies. is operated by informations GmbH. With the free business directory, users will find companies from all over Germany, including contact information and other information such as reviews, press releases and images. collaborates among others with, the dpa subsidiary news currently and DocInsider. In addition to the corporate search portal provides also a people search, route planning and event search.