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Dachser and Teleroute, have signed a cooperation agreement. The agreement is to optimize the long-term relationship between the two partners. Dachser user group combines 130 sites in 16 countries requirements by Dachser freight and cargo search across Europe through its own customer service team ensure first test of the Teleroute ACTIVE platform at Dachser Germany got go-ahead Mainz, October 26, 2010 Dachser and Teleroute have signed a cooperation agreement. The agreement is to optimize the long-term relationship between the two partners and improve the efficiency of both companies. Dachser uses the Teleroute freight exchange for 20 years and came against the backdrop of increasing demands and increasing use the agreement now. Therefore, all 130 Dachser branches in 16 countries have access to all services provided by Teleroute. With Teleroute CONNECT the Dachser is connected to transport management system directly to the Teleroute freight exchange, eliminating transcription errors and saving time. The collaboration between the two companies led to synergies and simplified procedures.

So, the flow of information has been optimized and minimized losses of time. A closed user group for all Dachser dispatchers in Europe was established for Dachser. With the help of Teleroute CONNECT Europe all freight and cargo services can be exchanged with highest reliability in real time. Offers which are obtained within an hour, come automatically in the public freight Exchange from Teleroute – visible to all customers. In the course of long-term cooperation, Teleroute has offered always an innovative service based on the high dynamics and the economic challenges of our customers. The new agreement the systems can be interleaved more intensively by Dachser and Teleroute, to further increase the efficiency. Dachser is also a strong supporter of the concept of Teleroute safe marketplace”and for necessary certificates and qualifications regarding Reliability and security deposit.

Also, Dachser has signed the code of conduct by Teleroute. “This is BBs to a gentlemen agreement” for the behavior on the freight and freight Exchange from Teleroute. The security classification with regard to “Secure market place” is visible to all users of the Teleroute freight exchange. Dachser Germany will be one of the first companies outside France, that tests the Teleroute ACTIVE platform. This is a premium solution that can be adapted to the needs of the customers and has improved ergonomics, powerful tools, as well as additional services. The solution makes a strategic integrated tool with a fully automated interface to the customer’s own transport management system the freight exchange. “This partnership resulted from the trust, the Dachser in our service”, explains Raimundo Diaz, CEO of Teleroute.