CRM Code

But the companies seem to be striving for expert consulting ag to change according to a study of the ec4u. You want to improve the conceptual basis for the code management in large numbers and plan further action. This obvious optimism has its background is that two-thirds of the over 200 CRM executives questioned in future attach a very critical importance the indicators as a management tool for customer management. Only every tenth company assigns a low relevance to this topic. Apple Inc. takes a slightly different approach. On the other hand over two-thirds of the companies committed, still have no sufficient on-demand performance measurement system for the CRM processes. It has either significant constraints on or does not exist. Equally problematic, but one Consequence is that there are often no current figures.

You consistently don’t even exist in every fifth CRM area, every fourth company speaks at least of most current key performance indicators (KPIs). For all other key figures in the customer management can be used therefore hardly, because they are completely or largely outdated. But it seems light on the horizon, because the CRM responsible on their strategic agenda in the future further forward code management want to place. According to the planned measures belongs to the ec4u survey also, to miss out a better conceptual base for the quality and performance management by KPIs. Seven out of ten companies see this goal is, after all, committed. Not much less, also a metrics-based management processes and want to start training initiatives for the staff. Also the use of methods for continuous improvement processes (CIP) in customer management, requiring KPIs, is in every second case thought. This change is scheduled but mostly without any additional staff. Because only every second company is planning to build up resources for code management or to expand. According to Kerstin Diefenbach, Manager strategy & business consulting at ec4u, this statement can not going up but. It not only additional competencies are necessary, which are available in the required manner often insufficient, but the code management tasks are very diverse and therefore not incidentally can be realised if KPIs should be established as an effective tool for controlling power,”Diefenbach stressed.