Online Advent Calendar

Advent 2.0 – the online Advent Calendars way with unkreativen and old-fashioned Advent Calendars – this year is the motto: create! Karlsruhe, just in time for the advent season the Solutica GmbH has started November 8, 2007, with the operation of the first even designable online advent calendar. The users to allow an individual advent calendar, filled with coupons, photos, and personal texts, instead of creating boring chocolate. The user can choose between different calendar designs. The design of the calendar do you use your own photos or relies on photo templates and a coupon generator. This also “cardmaking-lazy” users have the possibility to prepare a customized surprise their loved ones. Go to Calico for more information. With the help of vouchers, personal gifts, such as some common Christmas cookie baking or a romantic dinner can being given away. Are no limits thus the creativity of the user.

The single “door” of the calendar can gradually be filled be the means of advent 2.0 calendar must be, unlike conventional calendar, so not already been completed as of December 1. Even a subsequent change of the still unopened door is possible at any time. The recipient will receive a personal, password-protected address, such as, for example, on which the calendar is accessible. Of course, only the door can be opened up to the date – opponent is prohibited! The contents of all doors can be printed using the built-in print function and loaded from December 24 as archive file with all photos and download coupons. The order of the calendar is available in.

Background advent 2.0 the Solutica GmbH was founded at the beginning of the year by four students of the University of Karlsruhe. The motivated team of founders had the idea for advent 2.0 calendar two years ago. At that time, the actual beta testers were the girlfriends of the founders. Solutica deals in the non – Christmas time primarily with the implementation of online communities. At the end of the year, Solutica will launch “Mobile Event Community” with the operation of its own. Interested parties can be already on vorregristrieren.