Interview Preparation

Going for an interview with an employer or employment agency, be sure to prepare questions that you asked. More info: Ben Silbermann. And although the interview the interviewer usually more or less improvised, there is a circle questions that can be specified with a high degree of probability. The better you prepare, the more natural and compelling to your behavior during the interview. American scientists have codified more than 400 questions, are usually asked at the interview. As it turned out, in practice, the interview often is reduced to 10-15 standard questions and a few extra, depending on the specific vacancy. However, here you will not find ready-made answers.

Instead of learning other people's choices of good answers are much more useful to be able to think myself and to formulate their own answers. The key to good answers to interview questions is to learn how to correctly interpret the questions. So you dramatically increase your chances. We have compiled a list of 12 common questions asked by almost all employers and recruiters. Question 1. So, tell us a little about yourself …

That's right: It should be to put up its own advantages over other similar candidates to you (good work, special achievements in their professional field, natural ability, etc.), stressing their desire and willingness to complete take this position. Speak calmly, confidently, concisely and accurately. In response, do not tell a lengthy autobiography and stay within 2-3 minutes. Tell me briefly about education, and then describe the experience and achievements. This is a good opportunity to show their strengths in professional terms.


Chinese DVD

It is fashionable to write articles on the topic of earnings on the Internet. Most of these articles about how to earn thousands of dollars while doing nothing. Naturally a little more than a fully these articles consist of attempts to deceive and fool gullible readers. It is a pity that among that nonsense comes across as little information about how to actually be made in the Internet. I will write about their way of earning money online, who have been practicing for over two years. At once reservation, it is not millions of money, time will take well, work will mainly head.

Pros of this approach: no need to do their own investments, do not need any special knowledge, a way of earning 100% legal. And so the essence. You visit any online store, copy image product, its description, and then happily trying to post all this on the internet auction. Naturally slightly increasing its initial value. That's it.

Next is this: the potential buyer will contact you, pays for a purchase, according to their contact information (address, where to deliver the goods). After that, you're back online shop which borrowed the image of goods sold, and buy it. When buying, of course, indicate the address of your buyer, the difference in the value put in his pocket. That's it. Everyone is happy: the store had sold goods buyer received your purchase, you got your money. Let me explain with an example: In one online store (I will not write the name) sells decorative Christmas decoration, the price of 355 rubles. Copy the image, copy the description, I go to the auction spread, put the price of 510 rubles. and waiting for buyers. Tips for Beginners: Try as much as possible to describe in detail the goods, while not coming up with his non-existent qualities, honesty – always held in high esteem. If the online store, there are several images of the goods, then the auction should also put them (the more a potential buyer to consider product, the greater the chance that he will buy it). Do not forget to write that the goods new and located in the package (if so). In general, the more detail you describe the product, the more photos of him lay out, the more people become interested in them. Do not just one product! (I work with a few tens of products from four different stores) The greater your range, the greater the likelihood of purchase. Do not overrate the goods! The difference in price, your shopping should not be much different. I limit myself to 10-20% of wrap. Try to choose a marketable commodity. Then I will not help. Own shopping, forums and bulletin boards, review the market and then decide what is more profitable to trade: collectible coins, trinkets or Chinese DVD-discs. Buy only proven online stores that eliminated the chance of fraud, sell on auctions with a good reputation. For example, I use the online auction Be honest! At the auction's reputation seller – the main guarantee of successful sales. If for some reason the deal did not, apologize to the customer. After buying, do not hesitate to ask their customers to leave you positive feedback. Here, actually, that's all. I wish you success and prosperity!


Human Resources CJSC

Professional "kambeki" in Western Europe and the U.S. is common. There, for the staff there is a definition of returnees "People-boomerangs." Moreover, many companies track the fate of retired employees and to periodically inform them about new projects and job vacancies. Take the test-drive the first place, the employer will try to find out Why departed voluntarily decided to return. So, gentlemen, "boomerangs", get ready for extensive testing. Awaits a more detailed interview, asking all the ins and outs of dismissal from the transit site work … However, such rigor being applied to aspiring to a higher position.

Svetlana Povolotskaya, Deputy Director of Human Resources CJSC "Ukrainian product," says the operators once who worked on enterprise and well-proven, may be taken again in the presence of vacancies. "Managers – continues deputy director – get rid of slight shock is not succeed: try to find out the true reason for return. "Mishandled Cossack" We do not need. " Cautious attitude toward the ex-workers due to many reasons, such as the intention to find out trade secrets. Seek to insure themselves against such initiatives – a point of honor any self-respecting leader. Especially wary employers perceive the desire to take its place failed entrepreneur. It is logical to assume that he takes time out to collect a new force for conquest business space. Convince the boss you can, if we speak with the same language. It is important to emphasize that the cause of failure in the field of entrepreneurship was not the lack of initiative and organizational skills, and the objective circumstances.


Earn Online Without Attachments !

Good afternoon users of the Internet! Allow me to introduce myself, Zhilnikov Andrew. At this point, I have retired Interior Ministry. During his adult life has mastered several professions. In the 47 years I have consciously looked at what deals with my wife. Article writing under the influence of new features that provided the company VISION, an independent distributor for which I am. Since I am familiar with the campaign of 2001. You may want to visit Sotheby’s Art Auction to increase your knowledge. Taking products (dietary supplements) received a great result and left the operation in the knee joints.

But all this time I wary about business MLM, though, and he saw his wife Helen enthusiastically engaged in this business. Donald Gordon is often quoted on this topic. My attitude towards network marketing dramatically changed with the advent in this field of activity for the Internet. I realized that this niche for me. In mid-2009, Vision International People Group has provided a revolutionary perspective for its consultants. Opened an online store through which you can order and arrange delivery of products to all corners of Russia and the countries of near abroad. In future the company plans to expand its market delivery in all countries where the official opening of its representation.

Now these countries – 22. In many ways, changed the company's approach to the discovery of new business for consultants. Cooperation agreement with the VISION can be concluded electronically, and that is very important in current economic conditions – no initial investment. The only condition is that the person had access to the Internet. Such a proposal, in my opinion, it will be interesting to many young people students who want to realize themselves in the business of job training or job. Today, thanks to Internet technology made huge turnovers in all industries, including in MLM. We are talking about hundreds of billion. And such a unique opportunity presented to us distributor company. Unlimited prospects, new territorial scales – you can work with people from different countries, despite the distance. All that is necessary – It is to inform friends and strangers about this opportunity to give them a link to an online store for details about all product lines and have certificates for all products. AND ALL! Of course this case should learn. In this direction the company supports their consultants by conducting on-line trainings, presentations, providing written information. For those interested in the topic, I plan available to tell you how to develop your business from home without investing in a material cost. Until next time! Zhilnikov Andrew. Source:


Situation Information

The agreement was signed. It is now very much depends on your own activity. Keep in mind that "work" for managers, recruiters, as a rule, the most recent resume, and water under a still stone, as is known, does not flow. Remind yourself of telephone or personal visit. For more specific information, check out Sotheby’s Art Auction. Do not hesitate to ask questions. Insist on an interview with the employer.

If you receive a refusal (the recruiter has specific list of requirements for the applicant), request to explain the reason for refusal, figuring out what criteria you are not eligible. It does not change the situation, but at least will bring clarity and relieve you from illusions, in addition, allow save time in aimless expectation. It is important that you understand that any agency, if a certain percentage of their own source of information (address customers on your ad, special order), it is very insignificant. In general, employers engaged in searching for the sales department or manager (depending on the capabilities of the organization) who uses those sources, which can take you. And they were lists (ads, catalogs, organizations, websites and forums.) Advertisements in the newspaper. By posting information about yourself, you can use several editions.

Now there are quite a number of newspapers, where you can submit a this ad for free. Sometimes you have to offer renewal of posting information for an additional fee. Decide for yourself whether or not to spend money. Experience shows that the ad continues to "work" rather long (very often people are turning to an old newspaper numbers).



Leaders understand that perfectly, so often prefer the "former". The decision in favor of ex-employee caused by the fact that employers know what he can do and what should be expected from him. While the new employee stays for a long time, "mystery" to the disclosure of which takes time (and results can be unpredictable). Dial the phone number of the familiar and find out whether job is not open. Return to the previous work does not mean a career setback. Click russell reynolds to learn more. And it is possible that during your absence for enterprise and there was a thorough upgrading you will have the opportunity for professional self.

In the "battle for the staff," some personnel losses hard-refundable. Sometimes advantageous to return employee than to prepare new and many employers automatically throw in vain after departing: "Go, go, in your place there is still a lot of visitors!" Ahn, no. Not far from it. Wishing, of course, a lot, but … For example, sales manager comes to 100 resumes.

From applying for a position of 80-90% are not suitable for the job. The remaining 10% fit, but want a better salary. Sometimes, candidates do not like the employer for other reasons. So that, out of a hundred applicants are 3.2 candidates who more or less can arrange for the employer. Our database is full of resumes from those who do not like the new work, and they continue to search for, dreading the return. And this suffer. If returned to its original location, most likely, would have remained satisfied.


Italian Restaurants

Among the most popular concepts Japanese, Italian, Oriental, as well as pub food. Russians love to beer, as well as the welfare of citizens led to what is in Moscow today operates dozens of pubs and restaurants near the thousands of bars and pubs. Donald Gordon follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The discovery of the new elite institutions are not as common as the range of their clients are almost formed. Gourmet restaurants can only share the same clientele, without creating a new one. Therefore, the risk of creating institution with an average check of $ 70 is much higher than the mainstream.

It is therefore now the mainstream segment of the restaurant market is of particular interest to entrepreneurs. Widely restaurants – the most dynamic direction. According to research Magram MR, today the turnover establishments designed for the middle class is 240 million dollars a year – a quarter of the total capital of the restaurant market. The main trend of the market – the active development network projects. A few years ago it was known in the mainly 'Rosinter', today, many restaurateurs, making a success of one institution, and open the second, and third …

And some originally intended for network strategy. Also, the demand for corporate power gives rise to new proposals. Companies that specialize in this, as a rule, provide outsourcing services to organize a buffet restaurant or a good enough the level of the enterprise or the business center. Catering service is also booming. In addition to offices, where there is no fixed cuisine, catering to demand all kinds of banquets and conferences.