Human Resources CJSC

Professional "kambeki" in Western Europe and the U.S. is common. There, for the staff there is a definition of returnees "People-boomerangs." Moreover, many companies track the fate of retired employees and to periodically inform them about new projects and job vacancies. Take the test-drive the first place, the employer will try to find out Why departed voluntarily decided to return. So, gentlemen, "boomerangs", get ready for extensive testing. Awaits a more detailed interview, asking all the ins and outs of dismissal from the transit site work … However, such rigor being applied to aspiring to a higher position.

Svetlana Povolotskaya, Deputy Director of Human Resources CJSC "Ukrainian product," says the operators once who worked on enterprise and well-proven, may be taken again in the presence of vacancies. "Managers – continues deputy director – get rid of slight shock is not succeed: try to find out the true reason for return. "Mishandled Cossack" We do not need. " Cautious attitude toward the ex-workers due to many reasons, such as the intention to find out trade secrets. Seek to insure themselves against such initiatives – a point of honor any self-respecting leader. Especially wary employers perceive the desire to take its place failed entrepreneur. It is logical to assume that he takes time out to collect a new force for conquest business space. Convince the boss you can, if we speak with the same language. It is important to emphasize that the cause of failure in the field of entrepreneurship was not the lack of initiative and organizational skills, and the objective circumstances.