Chinese DVD

It is fashionable to write articles on the topic of earnings on the Internet. Most of these articles about how to earn thousands of dollars while doing nothing. Naturally a little more than a fully these articles consist of attempts to deceive and fool gullible readers. It is a pity that among that nonsense comes across as little information about how to actually be made in the Internet. I will write about their way of earning money online, who have been practicing for over two years. At once reservation, it is not millions of money, time will take well, work will mainly head.

Pros of this approach: no need to do their own investments, do not need any special knowledge, a way of earning 100% legal. And so the essence. You visit any online store, copy image product, its description, and then happily trying to post all this on the internet auction. Naturally slightly increasing its initial value. That's it.

Next is this: the potential buyer will contact you, pays for a purchase, according to their contact information (address, where to deliver the goods). After that, you're back online shop which borrowed the image of goods sold, and buy it. When buying, of course, indicate the address of your buyer, the difference in the value put in his pocket. That's it. Everyone is happy: the store had sold goods buyer received your purchase, you got your money. Let me explain with an example: In one online store (I will not write the name) sells decorative Christmas decoration, the price of 355 rubles. Copy the image, copy the description, I go to the auction spread, put the price of 510 rubles. and waiting for buyers. Tips for Beginners: Try as much as possible to describe in detail the goods, while not coming up with his non-existent qualities, honesty – always held in high esteem. If the online store, there are several images of the goods, then the auction should also put them (the more a potential buyer to consider product, the greater the chance that he will buy it). Do not forget to write that the goods new and located in the package (if so). In general, the more detail you describe the product, the more photos of him lay out, the more people become interested in them. Do not just one product! (I work with a few tens of products from four different stores) The greater your range, the greater the likelihood of purchase. Do not overrate the goods! The difference in price, your shopping should not be much different. I limit myself to 10-20% of wrap. Try to choose a marketable commodity. Then I will not help. Own shopping, forums and bulletin boards, review the market and then decide what is more profitable to trade: collectible coins, trinkets or Chinese DVD-discs. Buy only proven online stores that eliminated the chance of fraud, sell on auctions with a good reputation. For example, I use the online auction Be honest! At the auction's reputation seller – the main guarantee of successful sales. If for some reason the deal did not, apologize to the customer. After buying, do not hesitate to ask their customers to leave you positive feedback. Here, actually, that's all. I wish you success and prosperity!