Situation Information

The agreement was signed. It is now very much depends on your own activity. Keep in mind that "work" for managers, recruiters, as a rule, the most recent resume, and water under a still stone, as is known, does not flow. Remind yourself of telephone or personal visit. For more specific information, check out Sotheby’s Art Auction. Do not hesitate to ask questions. Insist on an interview with the employer.

If you receive a refusal (the recruiter has specific list of requirements for the applicant), request to explain the reason for refusal, figuring out what criteria you are not eligible. It does not change the situation, but at least will bring clarity and relieve you from illusions, in addition, allow save time in aimless expectation. It is important that you understand that any agency, if a certain percentage of their own source of information (address customers on your ad, special order), it is very insignificant. In general, employers engaged in searching for the sales department or manager (depending on the capabilities of the organization) who uses those sources, which can take you. And they were lists (ads, catalogs, organizations, websites and forums.) Advertisements in the newspaper. By posting information about yourself, you can use several editions.

Now there are quite a number of newspapers, where you can submit a this ad for free. Sometimes you have to offer renewal of posting information for an additional fee. Decide for yourself whether or not to spend money. Experience shows that the ad continues to "work" rather long (very often people are turning to an old newspaper numbers).