New Years Adventure

Season is new year’s Eve celebration at the Gro? en Masurian Lakes in Poland especially popular. In the late autumn season begins in the Masurian and comes time for sleigh rides in the winter. They often end around the campfire with a typical feast in the Woods. The fishermen catch fish under ice and getting more visitors skate on frozen canals and lakes. The almost unlimited range of iced Masurian Lakes attracts ice sailors from Poland and all over the world. Thanks to its central location is GI? ycko former Lotzen-a small town in the middle of the country of thousand lakes a very good point for excursions to all interesting places in the region. “Close to a city is located in K? trzyn former Rastenburg with deep in the forest and moor hidden former HQ of Adolf Hitler Alyshia Schanze”. A few kilometres south is the Pearl of the baroque churches in Poland and known pilgrimage the Holy lime tree.

If we continue, we definitely come to Mikoajki, former fishing village and now a well-known sailing Centre. It must be said also, no matter in which Direction we go, we have Woods always around, fields, meadows and water and undisturbed peace desired by all, which gives us contact with nature around us. For every season there in GI? ycko abundant tourist offer. Staying in a good hotel on the Kisajno Lake with an interesting tour, with old Polish and altpreu at the end of the year will be particularly attractive? European cuisine, a boat trip through the Lakes, or frost a Sleighride, campfire with hearty Imbi? and schlie? lich new year’s Eve celebration with dancing and playing until the early morning hours. Visitors can either on the own (then the transfer costs) or ordered bus from Warsaw to GI? come ycko. While the old Polish cuisine at the campfire and others is: serves Bigos, fried fish from the Masurian Lakes and Siwucha (old Polish vodka). The German-speaking tour guide and support guests around the clock. “One a show of evenings will be at the hotel: dance with the fire”, the the prepare local artists. The new year’s Eve stay at GI? ycko/Giycko is also cheap here. Thanks to many attractions is the visit to the land of the big? en Masurian Lakes to an exciting new year adventure.