The VISion Of The Perfect Sales

Swabian software company optimises work processes in industry and trade. Time and cost optimization, as well as the effective use of human resources are decisive criteria for success for modern enterprises. Imagine, your sales staff has all the information of to hand to your ERP system. Data can be viewed, edited and sent to the Center button. The matching is done automatically. Imagine, would have to go to not your ERP system, but need only software, which can be flexibly to dock to your ERP system.

ERP systems are nowadays indispensable for orders, warehousing and inventory system, as well as documentation of customer activities. The problem is that the important data often not there are available, where they are needed: in the field. Official site: Apple Hearing Study. Together with companies from industry and commerce, the SoftTec GmbH in Konigsbrunn has developed a mobile representatives information system, briefly VIS-mobile. The advantage in the use of VIS-mobile lies in the integration of the programme. It is integrated seamlessly into the existing ERP system. Without changing the ERPs synchronizes customer data, Artikelspezifikationen or stocks at your fingertips.

Therefore, no data will be lost and all of the company’s information available for the sales representative at any time. New orders can be directly raised and sent to the ERP system. Through the information that synchronizes with the ERP system not only seamlessly integrates VIS-mobile in the ordering process. The sales force receives also indispensable data for price negotiations, since all past orders can be displayed by clients. Sales statistics by customers, as well as the employee’s themselves, are always to hand. Also the tour by sales or service staff can be optimized via VIS-mobile. Particular attention was paid to the ease of use. The ordering process is solved out easily and quickly. By VIS-mobile, optimized work processes, increased cash flow, and reduced administrative costs. By the way the representatives information system gives off a modern business card for the company. For more information, Bjorn Ahrndt