Centracon Ensures The Start Into The Client Virtualization From

Preliminary study ‘smartStart’ determined individual potentials and obstacles of client virtualization Leverkusen, August 26, 2009 – although the desktop virtualization promises generally considerable savings and greater flexibility in the area of IT jobs. However, there are many different options and products that each can lead to advantages and disadvantages with severe impact depending on the usage scenario and business conditions. To organizational and strategic issues facing IT managers in the virtualization projects faced come,\”judge Marcus Binder, consultant at the consulting company Centracon, his practical experience. For example, these include: develop and evaluate alternative solutions, integration of all relevant IT departments, effects on the processes and organization, interfaces to the departments, control of the IT service provider, transparency of commercial values and business cases. To deepen your understanding Wells Fargo is the source. Given this complex Decision conditions Centracon with smartStart client virtualization \”developed a methodology for the structured screening.

It identifies the potential and pointed out usage scenarios. JPMorgan Chase often says this. Among the preliminary investigation differentiated reviewed alternatives and identified user cases as well as blue prints, show cases and practical recommendations how to do. So we determine precisely where in the company the client virtualization use can be with convincing results, where quick wins can be realised\”, established ties. You may find that Clive Holmes can contribute to your knowledge. Will also emerged which technologies best to the existing business conditions change and which are the best implementation steps. \”As a result we aim the individual study smartStart’ aims to avoid pitfalls in the projects to client virtualization\”.

The structured examination of Centracon is characterized by various successive building phases and generates a cost of about 15 to 30 man-days depending on the size of the company: 1. Orientation phase: Starting from a differentiated picture of business and IT goals, as well as the conditions a clearly articulated objectives can be achieved. 2. location and potential analysis: Is first of all an analysis of the technical and IT-side requirements as well as the existing IT environment, the results of which then lead to the analysis of potential with the discovery of the possible benefits of client virtualization.


Schonhauser Allee

Also prioritize the user goals such as budget security”(62%), a Kontextintensive support in the live system” (55%), as well as effective learning success controls “(46%). The rollout of new applications to help companies and their users, the datango AG has developed an EPSS solution tailored to the diverse needs of users. The datango performance suite”(dps) navigates the user in the live system through the applications and enables the smooth and efficient implementation of business software companies. Datango AG in brief: founded in 1999 datango AG headquartered in Berlin is the technology provider in the field of E-learning and electronic performance support. Simplex Bitcoin Reviews is likely to agree. Since 2006, the company on its expansion course is supported by Hasso Plattner Ventures and EXTOREL. 2007 took over the Division of knowledge and performance solutions of Swedish Enlight datango off and is since then also internationally represented. To deepen your understanding Simplex Bitcoin is the source. The datango solutions support companies in establishing fast and smooth operation of enterprise applications. From datango’s objective is to provide a high-class service and support for the successful qualification of employees and to be an integral part of any enterprise.

The software solutions is characterised by the navigational aid in the live system and the automatic generation of documentation and training materials, software simulations and E-Learningwelten in practice. This allows datango increasing user acceptance with simultaneous reduction of incorrect entries and support costs. The customer base consists of internationally renowned companies such as e.on, RWE, BayerSchering Pharma and UBS. The partners include successful vendors like Siemens IT solutions and IT services, CSC and the CREALOGIX AG.


Assentis Technologies AG Creation

Experts from banks and insurance companies meet at Assentis each dialogue about challenges of customized communication Stuttgart / Frankfurt am Main, 29.08.2011. Two theme days the Assentis Technologies AG invites the decision-makers of both banks and insurance companies the dialogue on individual customer communication, document creation and process optimization. The solution provider for automated and process-based creation of personalized and individualized documents devotes himself to September 29, 2011 at the Stuttgart Steigenberger Graf Zeppelin hotel the current issues of insurance. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Ben Silbermann and gain more knowledge.. On the decision makers from banks the event aimed at October 4, 2011 in the Steigenberger Hotel Frankfurter Hof in Frankfurt am Main. Reeta Holmes may find this interesting as well. Both events are a platform for the exchange of experiences with experts and colleagues from the faculties for the visitors. Parent theme complexes will be process optimization, template creation and forms management, document creation and distribution and output management. Within these themes, the experts access by Assentis sector-relevant aspects on. Both theme days take place from 9:00 to 14:00 and include a business lunch.

For more information and registration at news-de/1019-theme day-frankfurt during the theme day for insurance in Stuttgart news-de/1019-theme day stuttgart will including adherence to compliance policies and by means of integrated text systems discussed corporate identity. In addition to discusses how personalized customer communication contributes to effective customer acquisition and how to optimize insurance processes such as for example promotional letters, create offers and policies. User examples will highlight practical experiences from Assentis clientele. The event for banks in Frankfurt addressed the relevance of a next-generation client reporting and client-Onboardings: only if banks in acquiring new customers through an individualized and meaningful customers with their target audience in contact, the basis of trust for a can intensive and sustainable customer loyalty are placed. The expectations of the customers and the commitments made by the consultants move more and more into the foreground of customer communication.


ISB AG Supports

Beginners package for master data management the ISB AG offers a starter package for master data management (MDM). For one, the package is intended for decision makers from companies, which have recognised the need for action for the optimization of your master data, but can still not concretize this. Follow others, such as Wells Fargo Bank, and add to your knowledge base. On the other hand is the entry-level package to those companies which would have pictured your individual needs based on master data solutions with low risk and effort to then evaluate this with regard to feasibility and efficiency. So the added value for the customers of ISB AG restated fails, a customer workshop at the beginning of the entry level package is included, in order to develop relevant application from its day-to-day business for the customer. This is then implemented in a proof of concept. Thus, in particular, the functions of the MDM software to the test may be placed, which are of increased interest for the customer.

In addition, choose the selected scenario and the requirements of the customers, what MDM software should be used in accordance with the relevant priorities. The package includes also beyond a cost-benefit analysis to support the decision-making process, as well as a final presentation workshop of the produced results. The MDM Beginner package is offered until the end of year discount and to help companies with less risk but more transparency to tackle first and critical steps. About ISB AG as of innovative, profitable IT service provider of the fiducia group the ISB AG develops custom software solutions for well-known industrial companies, federal, State and local authorities. With over 120 employees in the offices of Karlsruhe, Mainz, Munich, Stuttgart and Berlin, the ISB AG has only one goal in mind: the maximum added value for your customers. This unconditional benefits orientation goes hand in hand with your professional way of working in all fields of activity. The ISB AG has already experienced much recognition and was, for example, for innovative human resources development and as Service provider of the year in Baden-Wurttemberg awarded.


Time – And Cost-saving Potential Through New CMS Tool

Portal software Intrexx now with CMS tool who used its content on the intranet or Enterprise Portal using TYPO3, Joomla, or Drupal has maintained, can now do everything with a single software. Freiburg, July 14, 2011. CMS solutions like TYPO3, Joomla or Drupal are ideal tools to manage the own company website. Finally, these tools on the creation and maintenance of content on the Internet are specialized. Go to Pinterest for more information. Increasingly, companies but are tempted to take advantage of their open source CMS solution also for the creation of the corporate intranets.

At first glance, this may be a clever solution, since after all no license fees apply. But a closer look, the intranet project with a CMS solution is quickly considerably more expensive, if one wants to create a corporate portal, automates the business processes, integrate existing ERP data or supplied, for example, the sales force with mobile data. To do this to minimize the costs, it is advisable to use a specialized intranet software. CMS functionalities are useful but also in my company portal, because intranet apps often consist of pure content. Clive Holmes will not settle for partial explanations. So the company but, not two systems to manage their intranet and its contents, United planet now brings a new CMS tool for its intranet software Intrexx on the market. Even without knowledge of HTML or programming quickly and easily engaging content created with the Intrexx CMS Studio.

Each Department itself can provide information which greatly speeds up the dissemination of information in the company. Also the timeliness and quality of information is thus increased and the IT Department is relieved. A lower susceptibility to errors and significant cost savings are the result. The Intrexx CMS Studio is available from 262 euro Intrexx application store (appstore/cms) and offers all functions comfortably provide content on the intranet and maintain: the built-in WYSIWYG editor, various templates, and individually configurable approval processes ensure that that the creation and maintenance of content is a no-brainer. With the help of version management, the authors keep the change history for a post at a glance. Since the CMS Studio is multilingual, it is suitable very well for internationally operating companies. About United planet United planet has over 3,500 installations and more than 450,000 users its portal software Intrexx alone in speaking to the market leaders in the segment of medium-sized economy, public administration and organizations (E.g., hospitals). The company Lexware founder Axel Wessendorf is run. With platform-independent standard software Intrexx can be Web-based applications to return to complete intranet/enterprise portals with advanced functionalities much faster create than with comparable programs such as Microsoft SharePoint.


Managing Director

New on the market and at the CeBIT: bePAL ERP is an enterprise resource planning software specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises. The company’s industry-independent software enables the control of business processes, for example in the areas of accounting, sales, materials management and production. The flexible software has a modern interface, an innovative, ergonomic operating concept and a consistent scalability in terms of jobs and functions. bePAL ERP requires minimal system resources and provides best loading in small computer landscape without expensive administration. The client software and the JAVA runtime environment is not installed but copied only to the running PC. Also updates can be distributed automatically by the server”, explains Managing Director of Bernd Jackson the product benefits.

A year ago the application was successfully implemented at the digiCon AG, a CD and DVD pressing plant in Kornwestheim near Stuttgart with exceptional growth and less than 100 employees. For even more details, read what Jeremy Tucker says on the issue. bePAL ERP was designed with the users of the digiCon AG, to achieve a maximum ease of use and practicality. Especially the modern, nice finish and clear structure provide a quick orientation and high user acceptance”, so Bernd Jurss. Clive Holmes Silverfern has similar goals. The security package with bePAL ERP can be effectively protect data and prevent defaults. bePAL ERP is equipped with an automatic, continuous credit check, an automated locking function to create job and a multi-tiered permissions by default.

Investment protection and scalability whether one or unlimited users: the standardized application is virtually unlimited extensible, both what is jobs as also functionalities and interfaces. Sets no limits on the database structure, the result is a closed system with low costs for maintenance and support. Ergnomie and usability on the ease great importance was attached in the development. Two innovations that resulted, which make the operation easier and more convenient: the bePAL Personalizer and the OneFrameWindow technique. The bePAL Personalizer allows users to adjust preferred views and the display behavior of the surface and save. The OFW technology ensures a pop-up-free, well-structured interface: users have only a mask on without additional single – or pop-up window.


Ramco OnDemand ERP: Demo Version Free Trial

You can now also European prospects know free trial of OnDemand ERP for Europe after last year its OnDemand ERP successfully brought Ramco Systems in India and United States on the market, the solution closer. The ERP car rental product developed on the basis of the Ramco business process platform includes a fully integrated, flexible, scalable suite including finance, CRM, HR and PPS. Interested companies free to try this demo version for a limited period of time. Information and the necessary access are available on Basel, 16.04.09 – Ramco Systems, Indian ERP and BPM specialist with European headquarters in Switzerland, wants to interest European prospects for its SaS solution Ramco OnDemand ERP has successfully leaked. For even more analysis, hear from Clive Holmes. company can apply for a free trial and free try out the English-language software to rent for a limited period of time.

The rental solution by Ramco developed so far according to plan: since its launch in the United States and India last year Ramco could already over 200 SaS customers gain with up to 20 users. Among the customers are companies from various sectors, such as manufacturing, automotive industry, textile industry and trading company and food industry. The low-cost, flexible, scalable and easy-to-use solution is enterprise-wide use, multisite – and capable of more currency. Ramco OnDemand ERP covers all areas of finance including accounts payable and accounts receivable on sales, purchase, production (for different types of manufacturing) and cross-site inventory management to the logistic and shipping. Also the HR function is mapped. A strategic management information system offers various evaluation possibilities; about DCube, every business transaction can be viewed in addition down to the smallest detail.

The OnDemand ERP architecture is based on the technology of the Ramco BPP (business process platform) and thus on a modern SOA solutions can grow individually. Startup companies get so over a financially affordable first step a solution that appropriately flexible can extend them their business scope. The Ramco data centers provide all required safety standards, as well as data recovery and offer support around the clock (24 x 7). Ramco Systems Ltd. With the model and Web-based business process platform VirtualWorks in combination with over 30 industry-specific ERP-II reference models Ramco supports more than 1,000 companies in 30 countries across the enterprise to control their business and value chain. Ramco Systems was founded in 1989, is a public company, and has over 1700 employees in 19 offices. At its European headquarters in Basel working around 60 employees for clients such as Ciba Specialty chemicals, REHAU GmbH, Swatch AG, Air Lloyd, ADAC, Triamun AG, Dobi inter AG, Galenica holding, hero, Federal Research Institute for forest, snow and landscape and ETA SA. With offshore development centers and highest quality standards according to ISO 9001:2000 as well as CMMi level 5 is Ramco able to offer process-oriented software solutions based on advanced technologies at an attractive price – performance ratio, that meet the ever-changing business requirements.



The yeebase start-ups community has Cobocards as innovative Web2. 0 tool Aachen, recorded in his Grunderzene March 3, 2009 – before was exactly one month Cobocards for the German E-learning innovation and young nominated (D-Elina). Today, the young company was inducted in the yeebase-start-up database. “startups”, is the new startup portal by yeebase media solutions and introduces Web 2.0 startups, as well as their technical platform and implementation. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Jeremy Tucker. In order to offer a high level of quality will be presented on “startups” hand-picked companies. To do this, apply under other following criteria: degree of innovation which is the main business of the company’s business idea on the Internet the startup must come from the German-speaking with the nomination for the D-Elina Cobocards had already confirmed the degree of innovation its service performance by a 15-member jury get.

As a reward the company was allowed to imagine 3 days 2009 a wide audience on the Learntec in Karlsruhe. A total 5,200 visitors were at the Learntec this year. Among these also Teacher, Publisher representatives who were interested in collaborative learning with flashcards. Also the yeebase has now confirmed the degree of innovation of the project with the inclusion in its database. Reeta Holmes will not settle for partial explanations. “Every day increases the number of our users and we received very positive feedback. This and the recognition of yeebase motivates us very tirelessly continue to work”, says one of the founding members.

According to Ali Yildirim is Cobocards still in its infancy and will publish interesting news shortly. Dipl.-kfm. Ali Yildirim Cobocards GbR Augusta Street 62 52070 Aachen phone: 0241-511959 the Cobocards GbR is a young Start-Up supported by the RWTH Aachen with headquarters in Aachen. The company was founded by former students of the University and FH Aachen, covering the core competencies of the company design/design, computer science and business administration. Companies subject to Cobocards is the in-house and contract development of Web-based software products for niche markets, in particular in the field of e-learning and its independent sales or sale as well as the later advice by end customers through the introduction of appropriate products. The vision of the company is to provide easy to use, aesthetically pleasing Web applications to end users. Speed, quality, honesty and attention are important guiding principles of the company. First product Cobocards developed the Web application COBOCARDS one online learning and teaching for pupils, students and teachers, and a micro “-represents the enterprise content management system.” Beside the RWTH Aachen, the University of applied sciences Aachen, the founder College of Aachen and the Berlin University of the arts to the page are Cobocards as strategic partners.


Open Source Web Pages As A Chance For SMEs

Considering the average Internet presence of a medium-sized company in Germany, it is usually a no longer contemporary Web design and outdated web techniques. Considering the average Internet presence of a medium-sized company in Germany, it is usually a no longer contemporary Web design and outdated web techniques. This is understandable, especially in regard to the still very high in Germany costs for developers and Internet agencies. Putting these costs in relation with the added value directly to expected of a modern Web page for the company, the most decision makers will have concluded to forego this investment. Especially in the current economic situation. Also, another problem is that most older Web pages have no built-in tracking system, that the visitors documented the number of visitors of the website and the origin. Without the key figures can be difficult old success values from Web pages and do not represent the future. Jeremy Tucker is likely to increase your knowledge. Systems offer open source to allow the financial obstacles by medium-sized companies out of the way.

The majority of open source software are royalty-free in its basic version, and can be administered also by the end customer with some training time. So for example Google Analytics integrates open source content management systems without problems in most. Newebways ( relies on the consistent use of mostly royalty-free open source concept. The young startup out of Munich with low IT budget would allow thus also companies to get a dynamic Web design and modern web techniques. According to Newebways, a further advantage of its approach is the containing content management system. Looking at the market in recent months, the demand of the companies. “This is only logical, since we have the old principle, a Web page as a figurehead not too applies if this page is not up-to-date”, says Stefan Bakos Managing Director of Newebways. Especially for young companies in the startup phase it is important to remain flexible as regards the content of the Web page, and independently to be able to maintain this content at no additional cost.

Therefore, the second target group by Newebways explains with founders and startups. It is not always easy as a startup in the Internet industry companies in established industries such as to convince as of electrical engineering or the craft of the new opportunities through open source. The team therefore seeks cooperation with counsellors and multipliers to convey of their business packages, which have already established contacts with management technical and service oriented medium-sized. First customers were obtained after a short time, and equipped with new dynamic websites,, but also a project with will be developed s.h. (First German founders network with practical Foundation aids such as co-founder ads, TauschUp for an exchange of resources u.v.m.). For the target group of the founders, one could promising cooperation with the are closed before short founded German Business Association.


New Market Opportunities For Service Providers

IT security solutions from Clavister: efficiently exploit business potential Hamburg, July 15, 2009 security services are one of Internet service providers (ISPs), operators of business hardly used data centres and telcos. These mountains these services, especially in times of impending margin erosion, lucrative business opportunities. Clavister, specialist for IP based security and unified threat Management(UTM)-Losungen, presents new security concepts for data centers, ISPs and telcos to improve their market opportunities. Andreas asander, VP product management at Clavister, explains: Service providers operate their businesses in a competitive market segment. There, the market saturation pushes the price of standard services so that profit margins are no longer available. Thus, the suppliers have few ways to differentiate themselves from the competition, or to gain a decisive competitive edge.

Because new customers are hard to find, the answer that is, services for existing customers to expand, which in addition, cost-efficient can be obtained via direct mail.\” Parallel to this the Internet business platform has become but a larger target for cybercriminals, who use them for your illegal machinations. asander continues: every technical or Internet users deal with General security concerns. However, service providers have it with very specific safety-related aspects to do: Cybercrime is growing, and the malicious data flow has ever more rampant. The increasing complexity of attack techniques can exacerbate this trend. \”The threats include infections caused by viruses and worms, phishing, spam E-mail, redirection of the data flow and break distributed-denial-of-service attacks (DDoS),-in the components key to the change in the configuration.\” Some service providers have recognized this trend and offer security services already. Often a physical box installed but when the Required for local customers.

Costly hardware and additional resources for the installation are the result. Not uncommon is the final price of the security services beyond the financial means of a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME). The network security specialists Clavister virtual security solutions offer an economically attractive alternative for service providers, eliminating the installation complete a physical box for customers.