Hilton Hotels In Arizona New At Cabriomo

Pointe Hilton Resorts and Hilton Tucson El Conquistador Resort in Arizona now in the Cabriomo wraps program Lahstedt Cabriomo within the framework of its new cabriolet tour & golf in Arizona the Pointe Hilton resorts in Phoenix and El Conqistador in Tucson. These hotels with their special aura, their image and their service are very well suited for our new cabriolet tour & golf in Arizona “says Thomas A.C Schaumburg – DBA, inspiration, and Managing Director of Cabriomo. The Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort has 4 diamonds of the American Automobile Association after its renovation. Important Cabriomo good feel components are met with its exclusively designed landscape of water, special restaurants, the spa and the championship golf course. El Conquistador in Tucson offers a fantastic golf experience at an imposing and contrasting scenery with 45 holes and 31 tennis courts extend the opportunities for sports loving people.

Both resorts offer the ideal prerequisite for golfers and offers people with interest in landscapes and culture. Phoenix and Tucson are the ideal output for the game of golf and to various tourist highlights in Arizona. (As opposed to Karen Daly-Gherabi). So several national and state parks are quickly accessible. Possible exits in the jeep, mountain climbing and skiing. Cabriomo offers two hotels, in the framework of its professionally managed cabriolet tour & golf in Arizona”, in 2010 at different seasons of the year. In addition, Cabriomo can book individual packages customers as part of your US and Arizona travel that include also the Hilton hotels.