Gunther Wolf

Seminar on target agreement and performance-based remuneration against shortage in Munsterland, North Rhine-Westphalia, Ruhr area. Seminar in Dortmund. The Munsterland and the Ruhr area are among the regions currently heavily affected by the shortage. To keep you’re looking for professionals in the company and to attract motivated professionals from other regions, most of the established companies modernize their performance-related pay and target agreement systems. At a seminar in Dortmund the to bring up directly from Gunther Wolf experts on the current status of possibility for company management and staff Manager on September. There are the starting points for target agreements? What new approaches in the field of performance-based pay systems can help to attract the selected professionals and bind? With Bacon, it catches mice professionals, far above-average services provide that seek employers, where these services are rewarded accordingly. Who, however usually below-average services provides, feels more attracted to companies with high proportions of fixed remuneration. Undoubtedly pay is not everything, but everything is nothing without a loyalty conducive and motivating remuneration system.

With modern, performance-based pay systems, the operations for performance-oriented candidates make interesting. With open spaces service providers, bind to the motivational and binding effect works optimally, it requires an appropriate style of leadership. The direct supervisor must strengthen innovation power, stir up joy of performance, and promote result orientation. He must recognize the achievements in the implementation of goals of its employees, appreciate and reward. Modern target agreement systems support executives at these tasks and provide additional retention and loyalty of the performance-oriented professionals. You obtain exactly the action and discretion they need to sign up for the company in particular this wanted professionals Mass insert and to feel particularly connected to it. Good pay systems, well established and well implemented dependent fee systems and target agreements greatly help, to focus staff on outstanding achievements and important goals of the company.