The Aachen

The two road-maintenance window on the first floor are decorated with coats of arms and inscriptions in 1598 and the area next to the Meat Sachdeva. Arnold points out the peculiarity of the portal by the Kluppel Ursulinerstrasse 17. The page strips are”shot through by projecting blocks. The small Kluppel located 1497 neest Pickelliers panhuis’, in homes is a connecting door. The basement of the small Kluppel is among the big.

Behind two houses runs a tunel”, according to this is a fence Macco a tunnel, according to Arnold. It may refer also to the ditch which runs behind the houses. in 1608, the pump of the secret annex, the Achterhuis from the small Kluppel from the moat is fed. From the Achterhaus leads a trace in the moat. New of large Kluppel end 16th century at the end of the 16th century is the great Kluppel newly built and temporarily called the new Kluppel. 1588 the great Kluppel as a prayer house sold to the german reformed Congregation in Aachen for 2,400 Thaler is the small Kluppel, 1597. in 1598, the large Kluppel is seized by the city. 1599 the small Kluppel rented from the Church to the Bierwirt Wilhelm Decker.

On Thursday, the 14 February 1608, the city sold the large and small Kluppel on the couple of Jakob minor and Margaret Bangar. The Aachen city fire reconstruction after 1656 and local ironwork can be only nor the surrounding walls are. After the reconstruction with a magnification of the terrain, local blacksmith’s art work adorns the small Kluppel. This is width, depth of 20 cm to two mirror-image window bars of approximately 0.70 m and 1.20 m height and a circa 40 cm high Baroque gable one with a mask between Twining grille blades, side each a representation of calyx and as capping fruit bud between four large sheets of rough cast iron.