Cool Spring, Cold Winter Payments For 2010

About 4.5 percent more cost per household in detached houses payments of 100 euros and more Thermal energy demand in the past year about 16.5 percent higher than 2009 Prices at the gas absorbs weather-related additional costs Berlin, January 6, 2011 payments threaten many households in the coming weeks and months to their gas provider, even though gas prices have hardly budged in the past year in the sum. Reasons for rising bills are a frosty start to the year 2010, a persistently cooler spring and an unusually cold December in many places with an average temperature of 5 degrees and more at the monthly average of the last ten years. According to current calculations of the independent consumer portal (, households must count with gas supply for 2010 with weather related costs by about 4.5 percent. “On an average household * extra gas costs less than 53 euro”, explains Daniel Dodt by In also payments of 100 euros and more charges are larger homes for families in family homes. Evolution of gas prices may soften temperature-related cost increases will benefit consumers despite rising costs still by the gas price development of in recent years. On the one hand, the weather-related energy consumption of households for the year as a whole was 2010 about 16.5 percent above last year’s levels. On the other hand, decreased gas prices between spring and 2009 in several steps by 20 percent by the end of the year and remained 2010 relatively constant over the entire course of the year. How strong is the influence of the weather on the actual cost development, shows the sample calculation for an average household *: 2010 amounted to the gas cost in the rates of the basic services and taking into account the seasonally fluctuating heating needs to 1,219 euros. When a normal”only 1,042 EUR would be heating energy requirement, which would have been the middle of the previous decade (2000-2009) or become less due to 177 euros.