Without Machine Soft

the revolutionary technology, which will be operated exclusively by hand. Permanent make-up, a boom that is getting bigger. More and more women come with the theme “Permanent make-up” in touch. Learn how great it is really to be melted to any day or night time. That is sooooo practically? No blur the eyeliner more I have as always painstakingly recorded me only an hour ago, my eyebrows are like new even after the sport or the sauna.

And and and… Well, so a permanent make-up (= abbreviation PMU) is already something great. But here we go yet. Just type in Google: permanent make up! There are countless Studios / beauty salons and most recently, there is also already a “medical permanent make-up”. Great, and where is a woman to turn now, which has really got no idea? The best time so some pages open and inform. Quickly, the questions arise: what is a permanent make-up, how long does a permanent make up, what colors are taken… And if you look now further, there are a variety of statements to a same question such as How long does a PMU? Some write – 3 to 6 years, others say that to stab himself annually should be…

On all sides the same described in the end. But never spoken over a-Technik-. There are “permanent make-up without machine. for many years A soft and gentle technique that is operated exclusively by hand. You can compare the difference with a sewing machine. Down on the foot pedal is there gas and above the needle rotates. Similar to the pigments machine. The needle hits the colour pigments in the skin with about 200 stitches. The authorities are stunned before something with an ointment, but you realize it yet still very. Otherwise the manual technique without machine. Here is a needle attachment (e.g. 10 needles in a row lined) set your needle on the skin, slightly pressed forward, and rolled backwards. While the skin is lifted and there is a vacuum in the Skin. This removes the needles now the color into the skin. No matter which technology is used, it is the same durability. The pigments sit always in the same layer of the skin. It is essentially painless and with the right colors, this PMU can not turn. The Kosmetikstudio revolution in Solingen has specialized on this technique and also educates. This technique is very detailed on our website. This technique without machine has been proven around the world already tens of thousands times and is increasingly gaining ground in Germany.