Avature CRM Of Now Even Faster

Upgrading to version 4.5, now even faster Munich Avature CRM is February 02, 2010. Avature CRM, one of the most successful personnel and recruiting CRM systems, is now in the new version 4.5 ready. Avature CRM is a product of the eponymous company Avature and used by recruitment staff and managers on all five continents, to improve the processes in the personnel area, or in the recruitment. By updating the software performance is significantly improved. In addition, new features have been added. So, the user can do now even more, using the new list functionality and consequently faster reach his destination.

In addition, the Kandidatensuchwerkzeuge extended and improved the parsing properties. In recent months, Important Paintings has been very successful. Web CVS are detected faster and more complete. The new dashboard functionality to be added. This allows completely new ways to present candidates. Now the user himself can decide so in what manner he would present his top candidates. Total increased the bottom line, so the overall performance.

For the current year, the company is aiming for a further expansion of the functions. The year 2010 is the character of customization”. Already, Avature CRM the most flexible system on the market should be. A recent study of the market analysts Trovarit shows that this is for a majority of the companies surveyed, of absolute importance. The company should adapt to the software, but the CRM/ERP system must adapt to the needs of the buyer. “In addition to standardized processes, at Avature have therefore the possibility to freely create your own workflows (workflows), own system and its own forms according to the motto: you tailor your software itself is”. Access your information from anywhere. Avature CRM thanks to the SaS approach that works on any Internet-enabled device. The language versions of English, German and Spanish, French and Russian are from mid-February. More Information, see or send an email to:.