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Central Europe B2C E-Commerce report 2012 while the B2C E-Commerce revenues have increased in Germany in the years up to 2012 always faster, has decreased the rate of growth in Austria as well as in the Switzerland. Also the proportion of online shoppers in the total population was in Germany in the year 2011 higher than in its two neighbours. The proportion of growing online sales to the total German retail it was expected that online sales to a low double-digit percentage would rise 2012 in Germany at the same time was assumed, that the share of online sales to the total retail in Germany would grow in 2012 by more than half a percentage point. At the same time, the mobile online trading became more popular. The number of Internet users in Germany will rise projections suggest that between 2011 and 2016 annually just to a low single-digit percentage. Overall the Germans shopping but above-average much online compared to the European average: 2011 have almost two-thirds of German goods or services for private use online shopping.

“” Clothing, textiles and shoes”was 2011 the most ordered product category in online trading in Germany, followed by the media, images and sound carrier”and electronic”categories. The leading Web site in relation to the number of online buyers in Germany 2011 was Also, regarding the online sales, had followed the nose front, by Visit the page – second largest online bookstore in Germany – in the summer of every tenth visitor from a mobile device. Online clothing retailer Zalando welcomed in Germany in 2011 at his online shop not only nearly 6 million visitors, but ended up also as regards its B2C E-commerce sales among the 20 leading online shops in Germany. Low online shopper-rate despite high Internet usage in Austria in Austria made 2011 about half of all online orders based on foreign Web sites, all progress on German.