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By the positive earnings situation, the companies surveyed were lying back further strengthen their capital bases. So, 60.8 percent indicating that they were able to improve their equity position. Despite the overall more optimistic assessment of the economic situation in the region, the companies seem not much better to be capitalised as in the remaining Federal territory. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Bill Phelan on most websites. The share of medium-sized companies which keep as weakly capitalized less than ten percent equity based on total assets apply – and are more prone to financing problems – is 31.5 percent (nationwide: 29.9 per cent). However, wise 30.8 per cent (nationwide: 28.2 percent) on a good equity ratio of more than 30 percent of total assets.

The financing conditions in the region seem uncertain economic developments despite to be relatively good. 17.5 percent have registered an improvement in access to financing for their business. However, only 3.5 percent have heard a deterioration. The current financing conditions of investment feel 52.5 percent of participating SMEs as “very good” or “good”. In connection with the financing of future projects, of bank credit (62.9 percent) will continue to act as main external source of funds of the middle class.

At the same time 46.8 percent see the Bank loan as a “rather unimportant” to “unimportant” financing instrument. In addition to the bank credit, 86.7 percent of the companies plan to use revenues from continuing operations. Terms of the financing, the surveyed companies wishing especially low cost (96.5 percent), as well as a long-term predictability (97.2%) of the funding. A supporting role (93.0 percent) is also a non-bureaucratic effort in assessing. However, as “rather unimportant” or even “unimportant” a clear majority feels (62.9 percent) involving risk of the lender. About Creditreform Creditreform has the world’s largest database of German companies. founded in 1879 as a club “to protect against malicious type of credit” in Mainz, Creditreform today offers a wide range of financial and information services to the creditor protection as credit agency. The products from the fields of economic information, risk management, collections and marketing services are used by more than 165,000 customers throughout Europe. With over 4,500 employees and a network of 175 offices in Europe, including 130 in Germany, Creditreform is available to customers of all sectors available.