Visit Madrid

High season: June?until August a Council for travellers, the high season is not the best time to visit Madrid. The majority of visitors go to the capital of Spain from June until August. Many of them are college students with backpacks that cannot come at any time, but if you have more freedom is recommended to visit in spring or autumn. Summer can be sultry, with a relentless Sun seldom relieved by rain. Temperatures in August often reach 40 degrees. Locals traditionally take their vacation in August and many shops, bars and cafes are closed during the month.

The main attractions remain open, but you have to book a hotel in madrid with much anticipation. Out of season: from November to February the winter is the low season for visiting Madrid, with the exception of December and the beginning of January, when many Spaniards come to visit their relatives. It can be difficult to book a room in a hotel in this period, even in places cheapest. Except to the holiday season, the lowest number of visitors makes it an attractive time to visit. The temperature may be cold, but does not go much below zero degrees, and snow is rare. The only disadvantage of visiting in winter is that all the terraces (outdoor cafes) are closed. It would be a shame to lose this very Madrid enjoy the life habit.

However, from time to time, appears the Sun and all the terraces suddenly reappear for a few precious hours. The April season until may, September October autumn and spring are the best times to visit Madrid. The temperatures vary from cool to hot, but tend to be temperate. On warm days, the terraces are full and it is very pleasant to walk through the tree-lined streets. April and may are the rainiest months, but in reality there are no seasons of rain in Madrid. Tourism increases in this period, although it is not as crowded as in the summer. A. early May and late September are, Perhaps, the best time to visit this magnificent city, although it is not summer, is sufficiently unseasonably to spend a pleasant moment and there is a crowd of University students in the streets. Now book a hotel online and plan your route only lacks. If you want to find a hotel in Madrid, go online and do a search for hotels in Madrid. You will find many hotels where to stay. Miguel Vicente is an author tour. He writes about the hotels in madrid. He has found a good hotel in madrid for your next trip.