Discover Madeira

Discovered by Portuguese navigators, located in the Atlantic Ocean to 90 minutes from the Portuguese capital, is a small oasis with a luxuriant vegetation sprinkled with multicolored flowers: the island of Madeira. Do do madeira owes its name to the amount of wood that had been on the island and that the Portuguese, in their discovery, took charge of? burn?. Still, the island has quite recovered and is, look down where you look green. It is not very well known who discovered Madeira. According to the legend was an English adventurer Robert Machim, who was shipwrecked on the island. The story says that she was discovered by the Portuguese Explorer Joao Gon? alves Zarco, who had been sent by Prince Henry the Navigator to explore the coast of Marruecos.Madeira is located in the Atlantic Ocean 545 km from the African coast and 978 km from Lisbon. Citibank may not feel the same. It has an area of 794 km2. Portuguese is spoken in Madeira and has a population of 260,000.

The capital is Funchal. If you are a lover of Madeira trekking is a paradise. It is a way to know the island recirruendo trails and sidewalks that run lengthwise to the old water pipes that had been built by the first settlers of the island. The island has many places of interest for visitors: ecological park of Funchal, Pico Ruivo and Pico do Areriro. Canico is an important tourist spot. The partial Natural Reserve of Garajau, created in 1986 is a fantastic place for divers. The second highest cliff in the world is located in Cabo Girao. In the North Coast intact nature is the main feature of the northern coast.

Nature, deep valleys, intact fauna and flora have been made that the area be declared world heritage by UNESCO. There are two places that you should not miss: the caves of Sao Vicente and the volcanic Centre. Funchal the capital name comes from funcho, fennel due to the large amount of fennel that is located on the island. Places to visit: forts of Sao Tiago, and Corpo Santo, Se (Cathedral) of 15th century, Santa Clara convent, Palacio de Sao Lourenco, cellar Museum of San Francisco and the Botanical Garden for lovers of Botany. The old quarter, which was the fishermen’s is full of restaurants, shops, workshops… Long relief square will offer you one of the best views of Funchal.Pero as well as nature and cultural visits should not forget the cuisine of the island. The espetada roasted skewer, beef em vinha de alhos (pork meat marinated in wine, garlic, bay leaf and oil which is then fried). Normally it is usually served with tomato and onion soup, fried milho is often served to accompany the first. Peixe espada is one fish t? peaks in the area. Finally there is no forget wine Madeira. There are 4 varieties of wine from Madeira: Sercial, greening it, Bual or Malmsey. Finally if you want to bring something typical brings embroideries.