Capital Federal

Since marriage assumed (or former marriage, is at least 50% of the tutti capos) to power, his estate increased considerably. Index of pobreaza never fell but that, along with the index of extreme poverty and malnutrition, rose considerably (not to be measured only in Capital Federal). And not to mention the lack of health and education! Do point 2: now it turns out that tolerates all the criticism of media opponents, but that he made by Clarin (and was obliged to take action on the matter) Sunday 27/03/2011? What happened in Barracas was worthy of the era of the dictatorship. But clear, that weekend not celebrated any tribute a day by memory!Note for those who don’t know: the long holiday commemorated the 35th anniversary of the last military coup, of the last dictatorship, the last genocide in this country. And that allowed the Federal Police and the Government of the day? An anti-democratic coup and totally dictator to freedom of expression! Because, more beyond that one is agree or disagree with the ideologies of the Clarin group, should be left comment. And so also citizens who are in favour of this medium of dissemination have the same right as any to choice their ideology or political orientation. ENOUGH WITH THE COUP LEADERS WITH SPEECHES DISGUISED AS DEMOCRACY. POINT 3: humbly as this blog, Clarin, or any means that thinks different to the current Government is not obliged to be in favor of efforts and works undertaken. EH here the diversity of opinion and here is the difference with a dictatorship. Nobody ignores what does the Presidency of the nation, but there are people who disagree with the current Government system and this should accept, because to silence a medium are silencing people who agrees with him, to the people who think different, Argentines.