The Loco

The Loco is considered the more mystical tarot major arcana. Some consider it the arcane number 22, other 0, others call it the arcane without number. But all agree that this letter concentrates the spirit and the intense energy of which never cease to strive for their dreams. The Loco is nomadic by nature: like living first hand every feeling, every experience. It is eternal hipster traveling light, but not dispenses with affective ties, as evidenced by the presence of the small dog that accompanies it in the illustration on the deck. In El Loco, however, the audacity isn’t incompatible with wisdom. Quite the opposite. To read more click here: Pinterest. Their action is never careless or unthinking; only is guided by a kind of different, much more spiritual or intuitive than rational wisdom.

That’s why that is a festive, cheerful and spontaneous character, that does not leave the conventions of life in society to limit it in its freshness and creativity. To that must be the Arcanum of the big dreamers and artists. Who had, to the long, they end up leaving their mark and changing the world. But what happens if it appears inverted? In that case, appears in scene the other side of all the beautiful and inspiring qualities described above. The Loco upside suggests then obviously it is not acting with due reflection prior, and that recklessness governs the acts of the consultant.

As well as El Loco encourages rational people in excess to dare to assume certain risks, to set aside certain oppressive structures and to live a freer life, warns against the dangers of unconsciousness in an inverted position. Because, as we said, El Loco, by unthinking as it seems, always respects the dictates of your inner voice, but never takes unnecessary risks. Another aspect on which may be calling attention the appearance of El Loco upside down is the dispersion. Many times, the spirit too free, festive and relaxed may delay, precisely, the realization of the most cherished dreams of each person. And prejudicial against the free expression of the creativity and ideas, never ending well of realized or realized. Through the emergence of El Loco upside, tarot calls us to manage wisely our best qualities to our happiness and that of others.