Mini golf is a practice derived from the conventional golf, the big difference that this has is that its practice is made on a scale much smaller both in area and in Active Golf course. The rules are generally the same, only that the mini golf has certain differences when run it. Mini golf courses are usually set in small areas of land, with the purpose of reducing the physical demands of this physical activity, is also own highlight that mini golf circuits have obstacles such as sand traps and other more specific as bridges, lakes, buildings, statues and barricades, if everyday objects in thumbnail dimensions; These objects meet the process of hindering the game, making it a highly entertaining activity. Mini golf in Scotland development begins in the year 1867, where was created the first mini golf courses in the world circuit, called The Himalayas, this was created with the main objective of making women practiced golf without the need to make large physical effort; Therefore, they developed a field of golf’s much smaller dimensions, but with the same amount of holes. Some decades later the mini golf was imposed as a game very applied to tourism, such as hotels and commercial establishments and recreational sites. The heyday of this sport so to speak it, occurred mainly in cities as the United States and London, where they built en masse a few years later. The 20th century for the inclusion of novel synthetic materials, they gave way to the creation of new fields with non-degradable material and the inclusion of elements as obstacles to this practice; as it was to be expected this made mini golf to obtain even more height which already possessed.

In 1930 due to the invention of a material that correctly simulated real field, mini golf boom was clearly favored, since they began to be manufactured even on rooftops of residences and hotels. Thanks to this it can said that in the 1930s this was the activity most practiced by young people and adults in the United States. Currently mini golf is widely practiced in places like resorts and recreational parks, since these with the emergence of interactive gaming systems, have given its booming and have ceased to be constructed in homes and hotels. Although it is good to emphasize that today is not left aside the apogee that had this sport formerly, as also was designed as interactive game in many multimedia consoles, not to mention that it is also found on the Internet. Currently the development of mini golf has reached such an extent that some competitions both nationally and internationally, which are held every two years generally have been invented. There is also a Mini World golf sport Federation (WMF), which is responsible for registering official members around the world, not to mention that another one of its activities is regular mini golf tournaments. In conclusion, the mini-golf is presented before us not only as a very entertaining way to spend time, but also as an important sports activity of which we can do part officially, thanks to the existence of the Mini World golf sport Federation (WMF).