Imagine for a moment that accompanied a friend to apply for an Erasmus grant. He is determined to go to Paris, the city of light. You do not have any inconvenience in accompany him and go willingly. Once there the officer on duty gives two requests, one for each, to which, by reflex, you try to explain that no, that is only for your friend. But until you can prove that you were only going to look at, something in your interior lights; for a second you can imagine what they would be spending a year in a foreign country and get away, even if only briefly, in your city. So, in an act of bravery and the astounded gaze of your friend, complete the form with a veneer of adventure. Rome is chosen.

From this moment you just buy your own Moleskine blank, ready to be filling out your pages daily with your experiences. The end of the story can guess. Now you’re half Italian. You’ve taken root there, you have your own family. Your trips to Spain will be your travels. Without stories like this program Spanish in the world would not exist. Serendipity, that is what has just happened here that with her we understand a lucky and unexpected finding.

The serendipity acts when it goes looking for something and another thing is. In this case the only thing that was sought was pleased to accompany a friend to make a registration. But the unexpected lurks anywhere, at any time, and one must be prepared to do so. Pasteur said that fortune favours only the prepared minds. But the serendipity is not only preparing and know detect opportunities, also is sagacity, courage, which was deployed when the staff member gave you a form by mistake. Error arise most opportunities, but you don’t do that alone, the error is only the input from which we must begin to work. This mistake can bring us much more than we think. And if not, pay attention to the following story: Adrian, a good friend of mine, is a big fan of photography. A good day arose you the possibility to go to Uruguay to give a workshop to a few children on how to do pictures. Once at the airport the police confiscated the cameras since they should investigate properly what purpose had. So, after a long journey and above all, with great enthusiasm, the poor Adrian ran out his entire team. So far the unexpected. Now comes the way of managing it, tame it. Another could have made tourism by the city, take advantage of travel or anything else. But not Adrian. Another thing happened to him. Since not had cameras that would make would be to build them themselves. Therefore changed the photography for the photography workshop pinhole, an interesting technique where a conventional camera is not needed but that one can build their own. It was a success. Today he continues teaching this workshop. Both the history of the Erasmus and the of the course of photography the serendipity is involved. In both cases there were small accidents, accidental events; in both cases the person was brave, faced with the situation; and in both cases happy and totally unexpected situations were found. That’s the serendipity. If we learn to tame, to manage, the unexpected, we can find great things.