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I realize this is a rather simple explanation, but when you cut through the fluff, you need a website designed to sell this! Sell a product and only one product. Web Site Survey The second Web site should be a Web site exploration. This site should basically cover This is who we are, or who I am. For that you should listen. This is what other people have done, and maybe you can have similar results. Leave me your contact information and get to something for free – the CD, the report, etc. or go. Again, I understand that this is a very simple explanation, but this is the basic outline for a Web site that will get results.

Nothing aggravates me more than seeing dealers to send a prospectus to a company Web site does not have the answer More Looking "Click here to learn about product * 1, 2, 3, or 88" or "If you want to learn about our business opportunity, click here, "or " To read our policies and procedures click here. " You understand the concept. The first step to achieve the kind of results you want with your Web site should be sure that you send traffic to a site designed to sell product, or business opportunity site designed to be prospects leave their contact information . Any other than these two types of sites with clearly defined More Sought Response is a waste of your time and money! Then, and only After you have the right kind of online site, you are ready to drive as much traffic from those sites as possible.