JOSE BRECHNER a former member of the Revolutionary Guard of Iran said that the Iranian arms race aims to unleash a war of great dimensions, regardless of its consequences, in order to ensure the arrival of the Mahdi. Central figure in islam Shi’a, similar to the Messiah of Judaism and Christianity. According to the three monotheistic religions, the days of the arrival of the anointed are close. Where does this idea come from? In the Judeo-Christian tradition, the prophecies of Ezekiel. How many read Ezekiel and many understood it? Read it, a few.

Understand it? Less. However the Messiah is the architect of the redemption and exegetes claimed thousands of years ago his advent. The Messiah was the cause of the cracking of Judaism and Foundation of Christianity. Christians say that it has come and will return, the Jews say that still failed. for more information. Who is right? Only you will know when it is revealed and displayed his identity document. The diaphanous information indicates to be descended from the House of David, which disqualifies Barack Obama by default and makes you reconfirm my faith in the Almighty. There are certain prior events that must occur to get the Redeemer.

One of them is the war between Gog and Magog. Who is Gog and Magog who is? Gog’s references are found in the book of the Chronicles, who claims to be a descendant of the tribe of Reuben. Magog is spoken in Genesis as an eponym descended from Japheth. The only one that mentions both together is Ezekiel. Why you should believe in what he says Ezequiel? Exceeds my knowledge and understanding, his language is cryptic and I didn’t find anyone who can explain it to me. I am God-fearing. I prefer to rely on their existence before that unleash the divine wrath. The problem is that if one believes in everything it is naive and if you don’t think all is heretic.