Standard Equipment

It was rebuilt in 2004. Made of steel. Length of 42 meters. The width of 8 meters. Placed on it 20 divers or sympathizers. Cabins are simple but comfortable enough (all including air conditioning, shower and TV and video equipment, running).

On dive deck there are several tables for the assembly and maintenance of photo and video equipment, tanks for its cleaning and desalination. In plastic boxes specially dry towels for cleaning hands and equipment after the dive. On feed two shower (wash cool evening, there is no shelter from the wind), in the garage next to the showers – dry warm towels for divers. (Changing after each dive). There are special containers for washing equipment. Location Standard equipment is sufficient – along the sides and on the spacious deck does not cause problems (especially if you do not "beat" board "to the eyeballs"). Jump in December is not very spacious. (We do not hurt, but if people on board were 20 divers – then uncomfortable.

Although the "Drift" in these places are not practiced.) "Zodiac" – small, on long crossings installed on a special attachment to jump-Dec. Two ladder. Over the dive sites board set, crepe one bow end, so he moves in pendulum mode. From the stern under the water lowered the bar, gazebo (to a depth of 5 meters, see photo). Upon returning to the boat at the end of the dive, it is better to go with the bow, a boat, heading toward the stern. Further must be secured for stem-arbor, wait until the boat takes an extreme pendulum equilibrium position in his movement and only then ascend the ladder. Otherwise, you risk being demolished to side of the ramp course caused by the motion of the boat (it really strong). Power to the boat fairly decent, especially the "legionnaires" delighted ice cream and a beer machine (no diving before).