Protective Equipment

Safe behavior of fishermen in the winter enthusiasts. Winter fishing – beautiful view of leisure. It's romantic, fun for the real men and even women. But any human presence on the ice is always fraught risk, so before you go on the ice will remember the rules that will ensure your safety and save lives. It is important to train yourself not to relax, to keep in mind that you're not on solid ground, but on the ice, and he can you bring in the most unexpected moment, especially at the beginning or end of the winter season. Every year in our republic accidents happen on the water and on the ice while fishing.

In 2008, 94 people drowned, 36 of them fishermen. Already in This year, hit two amateur fishermen. One rescued, and another is in poiske.Zimnie rescue equipment: 1. Wooden stick to check peshnya.Neobhodima fortress of ice, the presence of gullies, cracks and lanes. It's desirable made his own light "tykalka" of sharpened rebar (about 40 cm + Pen). 2.

Verevka.Luchshe just buy a special lightweight, and durable woven climbing rope with a breaking strength 600-1000 kg length of 10-12 meters. 3. Board. In the fall and spring seasons to gain the support near the hole should be brought to lay the board, 5-8 meters in length, a width of 20 cm improves safety on the ice fisherman. Personal : 1. First – it is common smysl.2.Spasatelny vest or suit poplavok.3. "Spasalki." These are two plastic handles with sharp metal spikes.