Real Estate For Sale Or Lease

Mortgage: Interest buy cheap as never now, or rather continue to rent live? Berlin, 17.04.2012 – the acquisition of a broadening no matter whether apartment or House was rarely so favourable conditions possible as currently. The interest rates for real estate financing is located on extreme lows for some time. In addition to a fulfilled desire of their own”construction is 4 walls or buying a property a part of retirement provision inflationsgeschutzt, hardly susceptible to fluctuations in value and in retirement age (for loan repayment) very cheap, because no rent is. But even if it looks like all signs were green for the creation of real estate property: There are always two sides. For the realization of real estate financing, many things must be considered. This is true not only for the financial planning and the calculation of the total exposure, but also more generally for the life situation and the individually best design of local and situational dependencies. Which one is the best time for a real estate purchase? For this purpose several aspects must be considered: times of lower lease (as currently) are cheap to have real estate financing and allow a comparatively rapid eradication of so and so the faster pursuit.

On the other hand, the assets and the income situation of the interested parties is crucial: a high proportion of debt capital must be recorded, this not only once again become more expensive the loan, but also increases the risk of no longer to be able to pay the high rates enough for e.g. a modified income situation when changing the job or in the worst case of unemployment. Is not achieved the minimum percentage recommended by experts of equity of about 20 to 30 percent of the purchase or production cost, lacking the security buffer for incurred costs and unforeseen expenditure. Even if the rental burden of a rented property regularly Burns money”it is with little equity and an uncertain Income situation is less risky than a forced real estate financing.