Quality Management

02. DEVELOPMENT Currently the companies are passing for moments of great changes, had the necessity of the search of the customers to take care of the demands, therefore the lesser stated periods are each time, demanding that the same ones search differentiated alternatives. In such a way, it is basic to adopt the best strategies in definitive departments. The areas of Maintenance, Production and Quality are seen as the main sectors that can assist in the search of better resulted focando attendance of the final customer. The productive area, beyond being involved directly with the productivity, must also assist the too much sectors, using tools and modern techniques of management to reach the best ones resulted. Already the quality sector must mensurar the gotten results to direct which the actions must be taken in the productive process.

Amongst the cited sectors, the maintenance is the one that is more evolving in recent years, since the companies recently are enxergando as the main strategical department which had the viability to get significant profits in short term. The application of a management of planned maintenance makes possible to guarantee the availability of the Assets, producing with quality, reducing costs, increasing the trustworthiness and respecting the norms of security and environment. In the current scene, the maintenance also becomes responsible for the improvement of performance of the segment. Beyond a good management of resources, the maintenance management reveals essential (ABRAMAN, 2009). The practical modern of management of the planned maintenance make possible to optimize use of human resources, material and costs, beyond searching continuous improvement in the process. One of the used concepts more in this method of work is the use of the methodology of cycle PDCA, in which it has the following functions: P (Plan) – To define the methods that will allow to reach the goals proposals.