Neither company engaged in mining and processing of oil and gas, no oil pumping station oil pipelines, gas compressor station and pipeline, tank farm, as well as any other enterprise chemical industry (chemical plant, paint manufacturing, etc.), loading dock and marine terminals can not do in their work without a system for controlling the gas content of combustible and toxic gases. And here longer enough simply fire alarm. Since conventional smoke detectors react to the presence of smoke in an enclosed space, heat detectors will give an alarm of fire alarm systems, if will fix exceeding a certain temperature. But what if you want to control the level of gas concentration at various sites? After fire detectors can not warn themselves of such hazards, as fumes, or the presence of alcohol or vapor in the air. In order to continuously measure the level of gas contamination at the site of the alleged occurrence of vapors of flammable gases, oil and its products, and alcohol use analyzers (instrumentation).

Such devices can be used independently and together with the gas-analyzing systems. They measure the concentration of harmful substances and produce a unified signal output and digital form through the communication channel. By gauging devices include devices SGAES-TG and SGAES-HT, instrumentation, instrumentation and control systems. With these kinds of systems, control and measure the level of gas contamination in locations where of vapors of oil, flammable and toxic gases and hydrocarbons and other harmful substances. The operating principle of instrumentation is as follows: gas atmosphere selectively absorbs electromagnetic radiation, and devices continuously measure the intensity of infrared radiation, which pass through a medium with the measured gas. New advances in electronics make it possible to use special algorithms to handle electrical signals, which in turn increases sensitivity and reduces the likelihood of false triggering sensors that control the level of gas contamination. Sensors for monitoring combustible and toxic gas concentration Gas control the level of gas concentration at specific points in the site at any distance. In the case of exceeding the level of gas concentration system issues a warning and an alarm and starts program the automatic protection of all equipment fuel and energy complex. Guarantee the security of your company will be the right choice of equipment to be sure meet state standards and established itself as a reliable fire-fighting equipment.