Pump – a device designed to move the fluid under pressure. The main materials used in the manufacture of pumps, are: stainless steel, cast iron, plastic and composite materials. In Depending on the application of pumps can be divided into immersion and surface. Submersible pumps are divided into Kiev borehole and Pit, but the borehole pumps and even relate to the type of submersible pumps have fundamental difference in water supply. Surface pumps are also divided into two categories: centrifugal and vihrevye. nasosy pumps are designed to supply water from wells, reservoirs and wells, as well as for pumping water of varying degrees of blockage. There submersible pumps for dirty and clean water.

Feature of submersible pumps is that they operate completely submerged in the fluid displacement. Submersible pumps used for irrigation and watering garden, lifting water from wells, as well as to the direction of water in the system of domestic water supply and water withdrawal from the tanks and vodoemov.Osnovnym advantage of submersible pumps is prohibitive for many pump intake depth, no rubbing parts of the pump, ease of installation, low noise, and long battery life. Pumps are provided with float switches, whose task is to automatically turn off the pump when the water level dropped below a certain. Pumping water at the same time performs the function of cooling the engine, which reduces the likelihood overheat after prolonged use. To reduce dependence on pump power surges, they can electronic control station. The disadvantage of submersible pumps is the complexity of service carrying out preventive maintenance and repair rabot.Kak choose submersible pumps? Submersible pumps are designed for lifting water from depths not exceeding 10 m.