Air Comfort

liquid and 35 lbs. air. Supplied by Air Comfort When we experience the feeling of comfort or convenience, we realize that the thermal conditions inside and outside air are conducive to physical well-being and, conversely, when we experience discomfort, some or all of the thermal-atmospheric conditions are unpleasant Indeed, in this case can even cause acute suffering. These feelings of discomfort are reminders of the nature of that something is wrong with the air temperature around us, and that the unwanted condition must be altered. In summer it is usually not necessary to seek protection from the intemperate and winter time, however, the effects of summer can be as harmful and perhaps more disruptive than the winter. It is well known that high temperatures are more harmful than low. Effect of Temperature The human body maintains a temperature of 98.6 F. If the "automatic control" of the body can not maintain body temperature within certain limits, ie a few degrees above and below this temperature, the effect can be fatal.

Reaction to temperature change is automatic regulation is achieved by diverting blood from areas external to the internal body, or conversely, as needed. For example, if the air is cold near the body, blood is withdrawn into the interior so that the heat-producing organs kept warm and protected. If the atmosphere is warm, the blood is transferred into the body to the outer parts near the skin, so that is discharged into the air as much heat. Normal weather conditions produce a pleasant and comfortable uniform distribution of the bloodstream, through all body tissues.