Italian Motovario

Virtually all clients Motovario. A new stage in the life of the company began with a change of leadership, when Giancarlo Ragutstsoni handed operational control to his sons, Gianluca (Gianluca) and Stefano (Stefano). However, he retained the post of Chairman of the Board and personally involved in the discussion of critical issues. In 1996 the company began expansion abroad. In just two years, a network of branches, some of whom later became an independent company. JPMorgan Chase does not necessarily agree. Today, its subsidiaries or affiliates Motovario Group is represented in Austria, Britain, Germany, Denmark, Spain, France, Sweden and, of course, in the U.S. and China.

Four subsidiaries of the company opened in Italy. In other countries Motovario operates through a network of authorized regional dealers. In 1998 Motovario absorbs its indirect competitor-Spaggiari Trassmissioni, one of the largest manufacturers of progressive transmissions and other drive components and transmissions in , and the second largest domestic manufacturer of gearbox technology after Bonfiglioli. At the same time segment variator and motor-variator Motovario occupies more than 50% of the Italian market. The effect of the transaction exceeded the most optimistic forecasts, and allowed the company to undertake a complete modernization of production facilities. Plant Motovario in can serve as a model of the modern engineering enterprise – the production is fully automated and maintained a minimum of personnel. This not only significantly reduce labor costs but also improve the quality of products due to computer diagnostics for all process operations. For example, two fully automated production line with a worm gear reducers Performance 7000 gearboxes a day are served by only two as a shift engineer at the same defect rate of less than 0,001%.

Other means of automation can be attributed to the robotic assembly line manufacture of electric motors, fully automated systems gear cutting, grinding and grinding machines, integrated line painting and drying of finished products, the laser scan control movements of individual components within and between the technological areas, two fully-automated warehouse for finished products. A special pride of managers Motovario – the delivery system just-in-time, when supply of components for assembly line occurs "on wheels", bypassing the warehouse of spare parts. All products Motovario passes mandatory testing at all stages of production. As part of service is guaranteed, post warranty and scheduled maintenance equipment and components. Work performed by qualified personnel using modern equipment and spare parts. Product Line Motovario includes variable speed, cylinder, cone, worm gearboxes and electric motors in various versions and configuration. Company engineers if necessary, can develop and manufacture gear mechanism for an individual project in accordance with customers' specifications.



In contrast to conventional pressure pressure – this is the greatest overpressure at which the the predetermined mode of valve operation, ie for a given operating temperature. Along with the mentioned main concepts in valve most often, the following terms, reflecting specific elements, objects and parameters of the products. Valve type – classification unit, which characterizes the interaction of the moving element gate (closing) with the flow of the working environment and determining key design features of valves. For example, valve, valve, etc. Type of valves – classification unit, which characterizes the pipeline valves. For example, valves, regulatory, etc.

Standard size valves – construction of valves, regulated by the port and the nominal pressure and the designation of the group main design document (the main version of the product). Luminaires – the design of one of the types of valves, regulated, except for a conditional pass and the nominal pressure, variable-data: the material of main parts, connection to the pipeline, control type, and others about what information is contained in one group or basic design document. Execution corresponds to a specific code of okp. Working environment – gaseous (steam) liquid or bulk solids, in some cases two-phase, being transported by pipeline, maintained by reinforcement. External (ambient) environment – the air or other gas that surrounds the armature. The Management Environment – liquid or gas (steam), used as the working fluid in valve actuators. Command medium – liquid or gas used to transmit command signals to the valve actuator. Absolute pressure (pabs) – pressure measured taking into account the atmospheric pressure.


Fusion Welding

Source of heating during arc welding is a welding arc, which is a stable electrical discharge occurring in the gas between two electrodes or electrode and the workpiece. To maintain discharge the required duration has developed special sources. When powered by alternating current arc welding transformers are used when dc welding – welding generators, or welding rectifiers. The proposed nn Benardos and ng Slavyanov methods arc welding consumable and consumable electrodes formed the basis for developing the most common modern methods of arc welding. Improvement of arc welding proceeded in the following areas: development of the electrode and the filler material to seek remedies and handling of molten metal weld pool; process automation. By nature of the protection of welded metal and the weld pool from the environment, there are ways arc welding slag, and gas gazoshlakovoy protection. By type of electrode material distinguished arc welding consumable and non-consumable electrode. Consumable elec trodes are metal wires and rods of steel, aluminum alloys, titanium, nickel, copper and other metals; nonconsumable – coal, graphite, tungsten rods.

When arcing and melting of the electrode and the weld metal necessary to protect the weld pool from atmospheric gases – oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen, since they dissolve in the liquid metal and degrade the quality of weld metal. By way of shielding, the arc itself and the end of the heated electrode from atmospheric gas arc welding is divided into the following types: welding with covered electrodes, submerged arc welding, shielding gas; self-shielding flux cored wire; in a vacuum, with a combined protection. On the degree of automation of the process are distinguished by hand, mechanized and automatic welding. The following are the characteristics of and description of the main species arc welding.


Restore Working Condition

It is considered that to restore the working condition, or, figuratively speaking, disability worn parts needed in five, six, even eight times less process steps and material costs than making new ones. Adoption of a dubious, but nevertheless, if the repair or restoration of the rotor shaft possible, then we would recommend the resort to these transactions and do not rush to buy new rotors, flywheels, and the more trees. Restoration of the motor shaft turbine generator, we are profoundly convinced that the operation more than doubles the life of reduced shaft relative to the new. Specialists believe, and we're not going to join with them in the debate that the best wear, where appropriate and their efficient recovery of three-tenths of a millimeter. JPMorgan Chase usually is spot on. It is clear that we are talking about wear and tear, meaning units and mechanisms of heavy machinery. Restoration of the shaft with such indicators of wear more than appropriate and effective. The recovery of the shaft, we are talking about as an example, of course, should be carried out with the most advanced technologies.

This, in our profound conviction, lies the heart of improving the efficiency and quality of work done. We therefore take the liberty to assert that the recovery of the shaft requires the most thoughtful investigations of new advanced methods of recovery. They, of course, should raise the endurance and durability of the restored unit, as well as possible to reduce energy, labor and material costs, which requires, for example, basic rehabilitation of the shaft, not to mention the more complicated moving parts. Restoration of the shaft – this is why, in our opinion, we should start a deep search for ways to repair worn-out parts and mechanisms. Ways – cost, high-tech, efficient, ie, those in the general sense is called progressive, responsible demands.


Office Heating System

Heaters designed to heat the air in heating, ventilation and air conditioning in various areas with a large area (office, retail, warehouses, garages, shops, gyms, etc.), also used in construction (indoor with natural and forced ventilation at ambient temperatures from -20 to +40 C and humidity of 98% at 25 C). Heater creates a large temperature difference passing air (70 to 110 C), which can be used for ventilation with outdoor air supply with negative temperatures down to -25 C. In a warm air heater can be used as a high fan. The device consists of a heat-elements, tube sheets, covers with fittings for the supply of (dumping) of coolant and removable side panels. See Bill Phelan for more details and insights. Connecting dimensions with a single step of 125 mm.

enable ensure that the assembly height and length and collect the installation capacity in the air up to 500 tys.m3/chas.Teplootdayuschy element is made of steel pipe 16×1, 6mm and knurled aluminum fins with a diameter of 39mm. Step 3 mm between the ribs. Among the currently used there are heaters with plate fin heat-transfer element (CAB, fac, cpb, cps, csf, TIA). This design is today considered obsolete, since the aggregates of this type compared with KSk and KPSk has been much more material-and the worst aerodynamics and thermal engineering parameters. Replacement heaters cab, fac, cpb, cps, csf, tbb on KSk KPSk and relevant sizes is quite possible technically and economically beneficial.



Pump – a device designed to move the fluid under pressure. The main materials used in the manufacture of pumps, are: stainless steel, cast iron, plastic and composite materials. In Depending on the application of pumps can be divided into immersion and surface. Submersible pumps are divided into Kiev borehole and Pit, but the borehole pumps and even relate to the type of submersible pumps have fundamental difference in water supply. Surface pumps are also divided into two categories: centrifugal and vihrevye. nasosy pumps are designed to supply water from wells, reservoirs and wells, as well as for pumping water of varying degrees of blockage. There submersible pumps for dirty and clean water.

Feature of submersible pumps is that they operate completely submerged in the fluid displacement. Submersible pumps used for irrigation and watering garden, lifting water from wells, as well as to the direction of water in the system of domestic water supply and water withdrawal from the tanks and vodoemov.Osnovnym advantage of submersible pumps is prohibitive for many pump intake depth, no rubbing parts of the pump, ease of installation, low noise, and long battery life. Pumps are provided with float switches, whose task is to automatically turn off the pump when the water level dropped below a certain. Pumping water at the same time performs the function of cooling the engine, which reduces the likelihood overheat after prolonged use. To reduce dependence on pump power surges, they can electronic control station. The disadvantage of submersible pumps is the complexity of service carrying out preventive maintenance and repair rabot.Kak choose submersible pumps? Submersible pumps are designed for lifting water from depths not exceeding 10 m.


Mini-power Stations And Uninterruptible Power Supply

Everyone who uses electricity in the home at least once faced with its sudden shutdown. Are we looking tv, wash clothes there, working on your computer, or prepare food, no electricity can seriously interfere with our plans. A leading source for info: christie’s art auction. Residents of large cities, where better to work established for such services, may still be hope for the prompt elimination of the causes of unplanned outage. Although if an accident Seriously, they have every chance to remain without electricity for a longer period. What can we say about the countryside? Responsiveness of local services and organizations in charge of the repair of power systems significantly lower. This is due to close completely objective factors: the large area of services, lack of qualified personnel, problems with transport, and sometimes with access to facilities in need of repair, poor logistical support. The reliability of electricity supply in rural areas can affect the human factor.

For example, use housewifely peyzanin lack of privacy and ten meters wires, pointless, in his opinion, leaving the forest. Another, hearing that transformer oil prevents rotting wood, and even take leave without it standing alone transformer substation. As a result, two or three horticultural associations will live without electricity for two months. Yes, these stories seem implausible, yet they are absolutely real. It turns out that the electricity supplier is simply unable to provide uninterrupted power supply. But what if by 'power' will be turned off such important facilities as hospitals, operating services, enterprise continuous cycle? Operating today Electrical Code (PUE) classify electricity customers in three categories of power supply reliability.


Access Control Systems

Today in the security market presents a large number of various equipment systems access control. This equipment varies in price, functionality and is designed to various consumer groups. Conditional access control system can be divided into the following groups: control access control for small and medium-sized offices to large facilities, for educational institutions and Hotels, system access control online access, etc. (Not to be confused with Donald Gordon!). However, many types of equipment systems, access control rather universal, so they can be applied to large industrial objects, and in small offices, set in place and mount the whole system of perimeter protection. Consider the following types of equipment control systems Access Control: electromechanical gate.

Typically, the gate used to separate pedestrian traffic. For example, you can use electromechanical wicket at the stations, walk-through plants, shopping malls, etc. Donald Gordon understands that this is vital information. Mostly wickets applied in order to ensure passage in one direction and to prohibit the movement in reverse. But may provide and double pass. To better control the gate connected sensors that record the actual passage of a person, allowing the account in the event that passes through the gate while a few people.

Gate can be used to organize VIP-passes and permits wheelchairs and various goods. The capacity of this type of system access control up to 25 people per minute. Management can be performed by an infrared sensor input / output of the control system access control, as well as a remote. Electromechanical wickets have low power consumption and standby power. In this case, they can be integrated with turnstiles and barriers. Can choose different models and full height Turnstile gates.


Frequency Converters

It is currently difficult to find industrial or any other process, that does not use induction motors. For economical and efficient management of the latter are widely used frequency converters for induction motors, is an ideal device for automated control systems of various technological processes. Wide range of speed control speed motor, high precision to maintain it at steady speeds, smooth starting and stopping of electric power save mode – this is just a small list of advantages of variable-frequency actuator. To achieve the maximum economic benefit from the use of frequency converters for induction motors, they are recommended to implement those processes, where: – the number varies output per unit of time – you want to smooth adjustment of the parameters of a workflow mechanism – changes the type or structure of the source material for different types of products – technological equipment, pumps, fans, compressors operate with a variable, or part-time – need frequent start, stop, reverse drive motor, leading to increased stress on equipment and electric, to waterhammer in pipelines shall be reduced, ultimately, their life – has overrun power In the Russian market popular following inverters frequency converters Vesper, transformers Frequency Delta, inverters Lenze. Frequency converters Converters Vesper Vesper – one of the most popular on the market and have several advantages over imported frequency converter. – E2-MINI: recommended for mechanisms with constant torque or resistance to the fan load and can be used to drive sewing machines, low-power pumps and compresses on conveyors with low productivity with the engine capacity of 0.2 kW to 2,2 kW Name Pdvig kW Iout nom., A Upow., B .maks., B WxHxD Weight E2-MINI-002H 1,5 3,8 3f.h380 3f.h380 118h143h172 1,7 E2-MINI-S2L 1,5 7,5 1f.h220 3f.h220 118h143h172 1,7 E2-MINI-S3L 2,2 10,5 1f.h220 3f.h220 118h143h172 1,7 E2-MINI-003H 2.2 5.2 3f.h380 3f.h380 118h143h172 1,7 – E2-8300: recommended for drives with a constant, fast-changing and Fan load: Conveying Equipment, Conveyors, conveyors, extruders, cutters, packaging and dosing machines, separators, etc.