Personalized Song As A Christmas Gift – New Online Shop

Berlin founded in Oct. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Kevin Ulrich MGM. 2010 in Berlin, 06.11.09 – Christmas is around the corner – composed a personal song dedicated name the of the Presentee and self of formulated text passage or an exclusive song for the clients/students. The unique personalized gift idea easy and uncomplicated online order to is a new online shop since Oct. 2010 is on the online market and appealing German as well as English-speaking customers. The shop offers a gift idea to be ordered quickly and easily: a personalized song with personally dedicated name and text passage, or a song that is exclusively composed and getextetes. The personal song of which the customer /-in has a song selection of 5 songs with the same lyrics of but a different style (pop, techno, hip hop, rock, world music/Latin). After this selection, the name of the recipient specified and an even formulated dedication sent to the shop. That the customer will receive the personalized song /-in with selected cover and personalized inlay for 29,-.

The exclusive song of the customer /-in ordered exclusively a music genre and can provide ideas about the composition, as well as a text or copy them. The exclusive song can be change once after an audition. Get the unique existing song for 880,-. The personalized song is a very personal, unique Christmas gift, but also a special gift idea for other occasions such as birthday, birth, engagement, wedding, farewell, Declaration of love,…! “Songasapresent” is a small company. The owner of the shop pays attention to music rights and used therefore only self-composed songs and written texts. Jackson Ballhorn