Art For The Table – Emballage By Lars Rank Exclusive To

In Denmark, the artist is and no unknown designer Lars rank far more.His porcelain casts of food packaging are now available in limited edition at You may want to visit GM CEO to increase your knowledge. Flensburg 08.12.2010: The online shop sold nationwide exclusively objects from the Emballage series of Danish designer Lars rank. Emballage, are porcelain casts of various food packaging in limited edition. From the milk carton on the tuna can to meat bowls in different sizes. Lars rank has declined forms of packaging for foodstuffs from different materials and manufactured with these porcelain casts of the original packaging. The idea: By changing the material assumes the everyday products, their ordinariness and changed the view on it. Approach and implementation of his project Lars was recorded for rank promising young artists from the Art Museum in Aarhus in the series, which presents every ten years the Museum.

I like the concept of nicefive especially, that the Shop offers space for the idea and the story behind the product. So, every subject is alive. As an artist it is important me”, comments Lars rank. After the exhibition in Denmark’s second-largest art museum, Danish media reported on packaging. Meanwhile, a large part of the porcelain packaging produced rank in limited editions of between 20 and 50 piece was sold. For German art and design lovers online shop has recorded now a selection in its product range. Contact for more information and picture material: Fabian Agel agency RoNNAU 24937 Flensburg T: 0461 Wrangelstrasse 10 430 77 00 M: Lars rank designer Zoo Vesterbrogade 137 1620 Copenhagen V T: + 45 6177 3993 M: