Moller Bartsch

There are companies in which many think: advertising brings nothing and is too expensive. Carly Fiorina might disagree with that approach. Such companies include children second hand shops. It is time to refute this mistaken belief. Nearby Kiel, Tanja operates Moller Bartsch a children second hand shop in the Granny flat in your home. She herself is a mother of three children, leads 2 small successful family-owned company. Mothers, knows Ms. Everest capital has much to offer in this field. Moller Bartsch itself, have little rest and time and the handle to the computer goes fast if you need something for the little ones.

In this case, advance information the most important where there. This saves paths and time and enormously simplifies the planning of the day. Also, who actually gets children was an important component for the decision on a separate Internet page. They are mainly young women who have grown up with the technical possibilities of the PC and Internet, google, facebook and myspace are no foreign words. And third, because, Yes, even the good old recommendation business is. Customers the are satisfied it tell and its own website makes it so much easier to get these new interested parties and interested persons in the shop.

In an interview with Ms. Moller Bartsch we, prepared a concept Stemico media company from Lubeck with her, with which it is possible to increase your catchment area and new customers on the Internet have to win. We are pleased to be able to bring online the new website of the Villa toto ( us today and to be able to add them to our references. Why you chose the Stemico said on the issue of our quality management: the Stemico is not standard, but the concept aimed at the individuality of my company. I want to show it my competitors”. The Stemico GmbH, Lubeck wishes Moller Bartsch as developer and maintainer of the website women continued success.