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High Costs Are QM-killer Number One – VDEB Published Survey Results

Especially due to high costs deterred many small and medium-sized IT companies before the implementation of a quality management system. This is the result of a survey of the IT-Mittelstand Association Aachen 23 March 2009 quality management (QM) is a fixed size in sectors such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and automotive production. In contrast, the odds used rarely the IT industry of quality according to ISO 9001 by the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). QM today but is an essential element of the business strategy according to ISO 9001. The Association of IT-Mittelstand (VDEB) has carried out a survey on the subject of quality management (QM) at 85 small and medium-sized IT companies, the results of which are available now. The survey was the reluctance of the VDEB was encountered, once it had addressed the quality management for IT SMEs.

Although can be by QM, efficiency gains and higher chances for the award of public contracts achieved, many business leaders of the IT industry have expressed on several occasions to the adventure\”QM with reservation. The survey was intended to explore the causes of that skepticism. It was final goal to win a data base to create an SME-friendly, practical and cost-effective QM solution, as then succeeded 9001 Federation certification at the price of 2100 euros with the development of the VDEB ISO. In particular the identification of square meters with structures of large companies and corporations a deterrent on the smaller and medium-sized IT companies. Front-runner for a possible use of QM is the automotive industry, which classified almost 80 percent of the companies surveyed as very suitable for QM. Close behind are machine – and plant construction. The electrical and chemical industries seem the respondents also meaningful economic activities for the introduction of QM. The IT industry is classified by about 45 per cent as very suitable.


10 Years GussVita – 10 Years Client-centred Advice

The GussVita competence centre has become over the last 10 years due to its deep connections of advice to his clients worked out a permanent place in the consulting market. The cornerstone of success was created in April 1998 by the founding of all financial services. This area could be expanded until today continuously. Intermediate time consumers, estate agents and a company representative use equally the expertise and services provided by GussFinanz e. k. and his staff.

The client base could be expanded to more than 8,000 contractual relations. This makes the all financial services to one of the biggest brokerages in the region. The range could be extended in the meantime on the Lake of Constance. The FA. GussFinanz showed a flair for the needs of the client and the specific risks, particularly the commercial customers on the market are subject to e.

k. early. Since the year 2001, a special risk management was implemented for existing clients and new customers. This developed into a widely used project management. Due to the entry of a Diploma Betriebswirtes in 2003 strengthened the know-how for special services in the entire segment of a consulting of company. About this development, the substance of the advice GussVita. founded. In the meantime, the company has expertise in the areas of banking and insurance industry, training background, personnel management, IT development and Academy. Impetus for further growth were created in 2004. Special consulting packages were developed in the start-up advice of existence of. Now 3 years is also an integrated funding advice very intensively used by the founders of all industries. Further milestones in the Firmenhistory von GussVita are the business expansion crisis and restructuring. In these segments GussVita works closely with regional and supra-regional banks, the local chambers of Commerce and appropriate authorities, to offer a sustainable security for companies in crisis. Growing years GussVita further competence partners and connections over the borders of Hesse also by the integration. So are since May 2006 additional 5 representative offices on the market emerged, in which the consulting portfolio used by GussVita. This due to”the market presence of the GussVita of competence centre wedding since January 2008. One of the most important goals for the future sees the company is, to strengthen the nationwide network of partners across all business areas. While the competence partner can build competence in various areas of consulting on the success of GussVita. In the field of entrepreneurship the competence center provides certified consulting concepts for StartUps. The quality is confirmed since 2006 consecutive document-th rank 1 of the KfW consultant Exchange now (regional research/PLZ35469 / 50 km). The competence center provides not only a wide range of innovative consulting impulses for the consulting services of catering, but brings over 20 a selected system and specialty providers in the consulting company covering the entire portfolio (kitchen/food wholesale trade/system – and fund providers/business solutions/staff training and recruitment) the industry. The classic fields of management consulting are rounded by innovation impulses and a specification lookup comprehensible management consultancies. This cover also an efficient and sustainable crisis and restructuring.


Future Market Service:

German mechanical and plant engineering sales have catching up to do after managing Wiesbaden/Balingen, on June 4, 2009 – there are still some stumbling block out of the way to clear the way towards a services society for many companies. While many companies in the retail build out their services and customer support, obviously more pent up demand there is in the business-to-business sector. A study of the Wiesbaden consulting and marketing agency group partner according to the importance of services in the German machine – and plant construction rises. It offers would previously not actively marketed by half of all surveyed industries. Only 20 percent of companies operate a targeted marketing of their services. See Pinterest for more details and insights. It shows: the distribution of industrial services in addition to the processing of the core business still difficult many machine builders. The prospect of additional profits remain significantly behind the possibilities of the market back, so after-sales service successfully market the study titled”. Quite different It looks in the end customer segment.

Among the ten best companies at the competition of Germany’s customer-oriented Este of service provider 2009 “ can be found seven companies in the insurance and financial services industry. Number one finished the TV channel home shopping Europe (HSE). On the courses followed two and three Budnikowsky Hamburg-based drugstore chain and the Munich financial product broker interhyp AG. In the competition by Handelsblatt, the University of St. Gallen, which took rating agency ServiceRating and the management consultancy Steria Mummert consulting this year 102 companies part.

Certainly, many companies see the need actively to expand the service business. However the necessary degree of unionisation is missing many”, so the market experience of Robert Keller, head of service international at the Swabian technology manufacturer Bizerba. Unfortunately short-term cost pressures affect negatively. It is saved often at the wrong end. Instead of original spare parts and the manufacturer service, trying to manage. But This strategy is rarely”, so Keller, which provides new opportunities for the service planners just in times of crisis. Innovative service concepts that anticipate customer needs, prevailed even now. Therefore now, Bizerba offers its customers an enormous range of services, from consulting and training on Internet-based remote diagnosis or a 24-hour service to the regular battery and battery replacement for the PC scales or an extensive range of special cleaners for cutting machines, which extend overall maturities of devices and machines and reduce the frequency of maintenance. And it’s worth for the customers money”is basement, convinced of the importance of after sales area. Two-thirds of marketing partners surveyed companies organize the distribution of services currently as an independent corporate entity in the form of a profit centre. In particular focus on results, cost transparency and the possibility to directly map to success, are as major advantages of this form of organization known as. Two objectives stand in the foreground: customer loyalty (46 percent) and profit (41 percent). 24 percent of the study participants also called customer satisfaction and 16 percent support the sales activities in its core business. This is a message of NeueNachricht. NeueNachricht is responsible for the content. Editorial NeueNachricht Gunnar Sohn Ettighoffer road 26a 53123 Bonn Tel: 0228 6204474 mobile: 0177 620 44 74 E-Mail: URL:


Online Marketing Profitable Company

Web shop development by creative talents from Dresden values you your main business by clicking you present your products and services online. The sale of goods over the Internet is both for the customer and the provider, becoming increasingly important. Therefore, a meaningful, but also clear Web presence for the company is becoming increasingly important. Not every company has the necessary personnel and the required knowledge to be able to meet the growing challenge. The idea of the company oneserv online services Dresden goes to a common outsourcing project with the company art + object returns, for which Paul Eckman Internet presence has designed and developed. Whenever Jeremy Tucker listens, a sympathetic response will follow. In the past two or three years three more online shop grew from it projects: office furniture, and Through the care and intensive work on his projects, Paul Eckman and his team have acquired useful knowledge in the areas of e-commerce, Web development, and development of a Web store, the in form Her company oneserv online provide services single – and medium-sized enterprises. The focus of your work is in the care of smaller companies to cost-effectively enable them the entry and operation of Web shops.

In addition to the design and creation of online shops, can oneserv also assist in the maintenance and care of merchandise to the side. The customer has the choice between three packages that are scaled to various services oneShop-. If you decide to oneShop ultimate acquires oneserv additional telephone customer support and online marketing for your company. Therefore a professional service and customer-close thinking be sure to continue to focus on your core business. Online marketing represents a great addition for any company, since it very flexible on the supply side and allows intensive communication with the customer. Put your success in the hands of professionals and thus in the long run increase the turnover of your company. Web: S.Maxim


Perform Occupations

False occupations, the associated costs and the administrative burden effectively avoid qualified and finding suitable employees for the respective authority, an enormous challenge represents nowadays for many companies. In addition to the cost of the new candidate selection due to a miscast the factor is time. The identification of the most suitable applicants for each vacant posts is always elementary for companies around the world. Jeremy Tucker is actively involved in the matter. In addition to securing the know-how required for the provision of value added, also the costs should not be ignored because of false occupations include a crucial role with security. So false occupations don’t usually just monetary but also massive temporal expenses with it is the entire selection process but in the worst case, and also the familiarization phase again to go through. As a result, a more strategic role to the interviews in companies. As a prerequisite for a target-oriented candidate selection has been a granular planning and preparation of the interviews proved to be.

Normally questions which were derived directly from the requirements of the vacant position form the basis of the interviews. The chance to identify the most suitable candidates here increases with the level of detail of the requirement profile. By means of derived questions, also a conversation themes is generated, which is then used in the interview. With regard to the interview, make sure that not all questions are allowed. Generally here that no questions are allowed, which could discriminate against the applicant. This concerns all issues which might affect the General equal treatment Act.

To exclude any incorrect assessments, interview in the optimum case should be done alone. If the present conversation guides should work in the future not directly related to the potential new employees, it is professional manager applicable to or a To draw colleagues”to add this job interview. In addition, it has proven to tell the candidates as much as possible with own words admitting, da man this most of the and in particular about the candidate.


Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication

With bank.Internationally, companies can verify bank account data simply and reliably. The practical solution of Uniserv edited not only the conventional data such as bank sort code and account number, but also the formats of the single euro payments area (SEPA), which will be binding as of February 2014. Since then replaces the IBAN international bank account number, routing number and the account number and all over Europe ensures uniform data formats. Despite the urgency of the changeover to SEPA, unfortunately many companies ignore even the need for action. Also, a recent study by ibi research to the SEPA implementation in Germany”shows that SEPA is still not really entered into awareness at one-third of the surveyed organizations. And only another third of the company uses sporadically at all SEPA credit transfers. Perhaps check out Wells Fargo for more information. Against this background is the plausibility check with bank.International by Uniserv a decisive step towards the SEPA readiness of companies. The changeover to the European payment area brings not only for Financial departments changes, but affects virtually every department.

With bank.Internationally by Uniserv users can verify simple, convenient and reliable customer bank details. The software checks to see if the IBAN is syntactically correct, meets all requirements to build of an IBAN and can be assigned to clear a bank. The plausibility of the IBAN is carried out by the Association of international bank code (BIC) or examination of IBAN and BIC against each other. The smart Bank.International, that is the solution seamlessly integrates in the relevant applications is highly flexible covers the various usage scenarios taking advantage of cloud technologies and last but not least, minimized the risks for businesses,”describes the benefit from a consultant perspective, Michael Luderer, Managing Director of Severn consultancy GmbH. Bank uses for highest result quality.International comprehensive reference data by SWIFT, the society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. During data entry are incorrect Bank account details and credit card numbers detected, corrected typo reliably. To minimize the risk of a failed transaction. The turnout for a smoothly running payment transactions are provided.

Uniserv GmbH with its headquarters in Pforzheim, the largest specialized provider of data quality solutions in Europe, offers bank.International a plausibility check for bank data. ( sepa-ready) About Severn Severn consultancy with its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main was founded in London in 1987 and is on the national and international financial market specialized consultancy. The expertise lies in the effective realization of success-critical processes of change in the market. Competent technical and management advice coupled with effective project management, more effective organizational development and zukunftssicherem IT management are the pillars of the Severn way to get it done”. The Severn team consists of experienced former bank managers who know the task of clients from private practice. More information is available at.