Plant Constructors

The new machinery directive has been in force since December 29, 2009. It is valid for so-called placing and proprietary manufacturer of machines. Also in terms of content, the new machinery directive brings new features: playback of the Declaration of conformity is required. Also specify the minimum contents of the operating instructions. On the subject of translation service Techni-translate technical translation agency is: the company, has specialized in the translation of technical documentation located in the vicinity of Stuttgart, for every language and every area of expertise the appropriate specialists. There are always native speakers, which translate in your language of the country and in your area of expertise, so, for example, the translation of the instructions of a packaging system from English to your own language Italian is performed by an Italian mechanical engineer. An increasing importance on terminology management, often expensive software is used. This is not necessary in many cases.

One of the free additional services of Techni-translate is to provide a company-specific terminology. The customers can to log directly into your terminology database and access terms. New is the ability, now that customers can edit the database, delete, add, or change terms. This has several advantages. It relieved it companies that can manage your terminology, the DatSet be kept up-to-date easily.

Translations Techni-translate strictly adheres in return to the terminology of database, which increases the quality and consistency of the translations and also the customer satisfaction. It involves only the translation of words or short passages of text, so many already use the portal launched by Techni-translate available multilingual technical dictionary is a free, online. Here users can find technical concepts and terminology in numerous languages, in the popular online dictionaries often be missed. The terminology contained in the database comes from technical documentation translated by Techni-translate, which have been translated by qualified mother-tongue translators and engineers. The DatSet is very up-to-date and is growing steadily. has developed within a short time to an estimated online dictionary for technicians.

Online Tax Advisor

How to use the online tax consulting Hamburg can 09.11.2010 – which is since 1st September 2010 nationwide tax consulting company in the online tax office with the online tax consulting, accessible. The online tax consulting offers clients a comprehensive benefits, because as every client request receives a protected login area, which all important data for and it can be stored E.g. documents, documents, calculations, tax returns, etc. companies get in addition with the software company online from DATEV direct access to the financial accounting. You can benefit from the transparency and timeliness of accounting and corporate numbers. The main advantage of the digitized records is, that send no paper back and forth is required. The original documents remain in the company and are handy for any questions at any time.

On the current accounting, the entrepreneur can transportable – and time-independent access. The online tax advice is for companies with a volume of document by up to 1,000 documents per month makes sense. To read more click here: Kevin Ulrich. In addition to the complete acquisition and processing of the accounting as online tax advisor offers the full range of tax advisory services. The online tax consulting added personal counselling of clients on the spot, where costs and benefits are made transparent and comprehensible. Hamburg, Uwe Riediger.

Accounting Office

An Accounting Office for the outsourcing of own Finanbuchhaltung brings time and no additional staff costs. Monthly basis accumulate many documents, which must be recorded. There are the specialists in an Accounting Office. These are the professionals in the field of financial accounting and remove the entrepreneur related work like. You deal with it, that the entrepreneur paid punctually all taxes and service charges, an Accounting Office then created the annual financial statements or other evaluations, which can be interesting for the entrepreneur from financial accounting. The Accounting Office also delivers the numbers needed for a discussion of credit at the Bank. Financial accounting is a very difficult, complex area that is subject to constant changes.

However, an accounting office employees are well trained and always up-to-date. Anchorage Capital shines more light on the discussion. Financial accounting is processed using state of the art accounting software, so that the accounting also the strictest criteria can withstand. A check by the authorities to be completely reassured, because you know that the Accounting Office has made the financial accounting properly. Course is for the services of the accountant’s Office to pay something–but the benefits are not outweighed in money when you can do the accounting out of the House. Of course, the accountancy Office not only in matters of financial accounting is contact–on all questions that have to do with money and finances, you get good information. Typically an Accounting Office also works with an attorney or tax advisor, so that you can also de legal components of financial accounting can cover. The initial interview in the Accounting Office is usually free, and if you then have the feeling, there to be, then nothing is more in the way a long partnership!

Model For A Day

In the footsteps of the top models leads the way in the Photo Studio millions look at models in magazines, on the Internet and on TV. Due to the presence of models in the media, more and more women want to slip even in the role of a model and before the camera professionally in scene to be used. Christoph Hesse, founder and Managing Director of model agency German, corresponds to this desire now with an exclusive model photo shoot. “A photo of German models is not just a fond memory, it’s an experience.” Christoph Hesse describes his photo shoots, it offers nationwide exclusively on German now in 21 German cities as well as in Paris. In the implementation, he draws from years of experience, which he was allowed to collect in the cooperation with large photo studios, photographers, models and make-up artists in Germany and Paris. Every woman is unique and also the photoshoot should look like.” Christoph Hesse thinks nothing of standardized cheap photo shoots, as in Online auctions and Classifieds are offered. Also he discourages vehemently some agencies supposedly free Testshootings, who prove in hindsight as a pure sales ploy. For more information see this site: Tim Cook.

From the outset, at a photo shoot by German, the customer knows what to expect in terms of price and quality. Everything is transparent can be viewed on. And not only the female customers appreciate this transparency. Although the proportion of male participants is around 25 percent, but also here Hesse increases the interest according to Christoph continuously for some time. Christoph of Hesse is Managing Director of model agency German He photographed moderated German models TV for over 6 years for German models, and has been photographed for MTV in Paris.

Hesse was founded in 2003 by Christopher German Main business area is the placement of models on photographers and companies nationwide. Internal model photoshoots German offers for the company’s own model Kartei Germany also private model photoshoots. Press contact: Tel: 0461 9097901

Moller Bartsch

There are companies in which many think: advertising brings nothing and is too expensive. Carly Fiorina might disagree with that approach. Such companies include children second hand shops. It is time to refute this mistaken belief. Nearby Kiel, Tanja operates Moller Bartsch a children second hand shop in the Granny flat in your home. She herself is a mother of three children, leads 2 small successful family-owned company. Mothers, knows Ms. Everest capital has much to offer in this field. Moller Bartsch itself, have little rest and time and the handle to the computer goes fast if you need something for the little ones.

In this case, advance information the most important where there. This saves paths and time and enormously simplifies the planning of the day. Also, who actually gets children was an important component for the decision on a separate Internet page. They are mainly young women who have grown up with the technical possibilities of the PC and Internet, google, facebook and myspace are no foreign words. And third, because, Yes, even the good old recommendation business is. Customers the are satisfied it tell and its own website makes it so much easier to get these new interested parties and interested persons in the shop.

In an interview with Ms. Moller Bartsch we, prepared a concept Stemico media company from Lubeck with her, with which it is possible to increase your catchment area and new customers on the Internet have to win. We are pleased to be able to bring online the new website of the Villa toto ( us today and to be able to add them to our references. Why you chose the Stemico said on the issue of our quality management: the Stemico is not standard, but the concept aimed at the individuality of my company. I want to show it my competitors”. The Stemico GmbH, Lubeck wishes Moller Bartsch as developer and maintainer of the website women continued success.

3D-Produktprasentation Even Without 3D Glasses Possible

You present your customers your products as 3D visualization without, that the viewer must use an often cumbersome 3D glasses. So far, the spatial representation of 3D objects with 3D glasses was possible. These combine a picture so that it freely to stand seems for the viewer in the space, and he has the impression to be able to touch it formally. You know this effect, for example, from 3D-Kinofilmen or from the 3D TV, which arrives in the German living rooms. Unfortunately, the speech of a wide target group, such as an exhibition or an event is only possible through the use of 3D glasses. Everyone who wants to see the 3D effect, needs glasses. Without these 3D glasses, the viewer sees only a blurry image, the contents of which he can detect quite difficult. Thanks to cutting-edge display technology and a special rendering procedure, it is now possible to present that the viewer completely physically can perceive the objects without the cumbersome glasses 3D objects in the room.

This opens up whole new marketing and advertising opportunities on major events and product presentations with ladder for its own products. So a 3D-Produktprasentation can affect advertising, for example, a display at the stand or in a public place as “eye-catcher” and crowd-puller. Every customer of views in the past run only a short moment falls on the display, will be surprised by the 3D effect and stand still. Klaus Werner, CEO of SEVEN M GmbH has experienced this during presentations of the new system itself: “our customers whom we showed this system for the first time, were impressed by the Bank. They could believe the effect that they knew each other only with glasses at the first moment. You have then moves in space and could assume from every point of space the 3D animation, without being restricted by a pair of glasses. It had a touch of science fiction.” With 3D visualizations, complex relationships, such as, for example, how can technical processes or devices simply and understandably are represented.

Products can be presented which still do not exist. This can convincingly demonstrates an idea. The Nurnberger multimedia agency SEVEN M GmbH has specialized in the development and implementation of 3D visualizations with 10 employees and these animations for the target group also has the necessary Know-How perfectly in scene to put. As a full service agency, SEVEN metres from conception through implementation offers up back to custom marketing to do everything a product success measures. Since 1996, the Nuremberg company in terms of stereo 3D successfully cooperates with renowned international customers in the automotive, medical and industrial.


All these cabinets are available in different sizes and with accessories. There are special depots for hazardous goods storage in the open air for Barrels and gas cylinders and accessories, which designed the storage even safer and easier. Special safety containers provide extra security during storage and transportation of solid, liquid and gaseous hazardous substances. Accessories for filling and emptying barrels as well as pump is also available as stickers that identify the respective stored hazardous substances. With the right equipment and the corresponding Know-How, the HAZMAT storage is a safe and trouble-free endeavor. The GefahrstoffLagerung should be treated with great care, but is not a problem with the right equipment.

There are three different options for the storage of hazardous materials: the hazardous goods storage under roof, the dangerous goods storage areas and dangerous goods storage in the open air. For dangerous goods storage under the roof there are drip trays made of steel, polyethylene or GRP, which prevent that leak liquid hazardous materials leakage and endanger the environment and people. Depending on how much the Hazardous materials are stored, there is the drip pans of different sizes. The hazardous materials regularly used, there are special from filling stations, ensuring a trouble-free filling. These are equipped with a tray which provides for additional security and is available in several sizes. Pallet racks for drums and IBC/KTC and small containers shelves are manufactured for storage of hazardous substances. These are also, depending on demand, in different sizes and with different equipment. The shelves are equipped with a shelf, there is also through backups, grid shelves and uprights.

For dangerous goods storage in rooms there are hazardous substance cabinets as well as fire-resistant cupboards. Environmental cabinets are designed for the storage of substances hazardous to water, chemicals and poison cabinets also toxic and very toxic liquids may be stored. Poison safes are suited for the safe storage of poison, as the name implies, in safety cabinets can combustible, flammable, highly flammable, self reactive and even heated substances, and substances which give off combustible gases, organic peroxides, polluting and water-polluting substances are stored.

High Costs Are QM-killer Number One – VDEB Published Survey Results

Especially due to high costs deterred many small and medium-sized IT companies before the implementation of a quality management system. This is the result of a survey of the IT-Mittelstand Association Aachen 23 March 2009 quality management (QM) is a fixed size in sectors such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and automotive production. In contrast, the odds used rarely the IT industry of quality according to ISO 9001 by the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). QM today but is an essential element of the business strategy according to ISO 9001. The Association of IT-Mittelstand (VDEB) has carried out a survey on the subject of quality management (QM) at 85 small and medium-sized IT companies, the results of which are available now. The survey was the reluctance of the VDEB was encountered, once it had addressed the quality management for IT SMEs.

Although can be by QM, efficiency gains and higher chances for the award of public contracts achieved, many business leaders of the IT industry have expressed on several occasions to the adventure\”QM with reservation. The survey was intended to explore the causes of that skepticism. It was final goal to win a data base to create an SME-friendly, practical and cost-effective QM solution, as then succeeded 9001 Federation certification at the price of 2100 euros with the development of the VDEB ISO. In particular the identification of square meters with structures of large companies and corporations a deterrent on the smaller and medium-sized IT companies. Front-runner for a possible use of QM is the automotive industry, which classified almost 80 percent of the companies surveyed as very suitable for QM. Close behind are machine – and plant construction. The electrical and chemical industries seem the respondents also meaningful economic activities for the introduction of QM. The IT industry is classified by about 45 per cent as very suitable.

Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication

With bank.Internationally, companies can verify bank account data simply and reliably. The practical solution of Uniserv edited not only the conventional data such as bank sort code and account number, but also the formats of the single euro payments area (SEPA), which will be binding as of February 2014. Since then replaces the IBAN international bank account number, routing number and the account number and all over Europe ensures uniform data formats. Despite the urgency of the changeover to SEPA, unfortunately many companies ignore even the need for action. Also, a recent study by ibi research to the SEPA implementation in Germany”shows that SEPA is still not really entered into awareness at one-third of the surveyed organizations. And only another third of the company uses sporadically at all SEPA credit transfers. Perhaps check out Wells Fargo for more information. Against this background is the plausibility check with bank.International by Uniserv a decisive step towards the SEPA readiness of companies. The changeover to the European payment area brings not only for Financial departments changes, but affects virtually every department.

With bank.Internationally by Uniserv users can verify simple, convenient and reliable customer bank details. The software checks to see if the IBAN is syntactically correct, meets all requirements to build of an IBAN and can be assigned to clear a bank. The plausibility of the IBAN is carried out by the Association of international bank code (BIC) or examination of IBAN and BIC against each other. The smart Bank.International, that is the solution seamlessly integrates in the relevant applications is highly flexible covers the various usage scenarios taking advantage of cloud technologies and last but not least, minimized the risks for businesses,”describes the benefit from a consultant perspective, Michael Luderer, Managing Director of Severn consultancy GmbH. Bank uses for highest result quality.International comprehensive reference data by SWIFT, the society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. During data entry are incorrect Bank account details and credit card numbers detected, corrected typo reliably. To minimize the risk of a failed transaction. The turnout for a smoothly running payment transactions are provided.

Uniserv GmbH with its headquarters in Pforzheim, the largest specialized provider of data quality solutions in Europe, offers bank.International a plausibility check for bank data. ( sepa-ready) About Severn Severn consultancy with its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main was founded in London in 1987 and is on the national and international financial market specialized consultancy. The expertise lies in the effective realization of success-critical processes of change in the market. Competent technical and management advice coupled with effective project management, more effective organizational development and zukunftssicherem IT management are the pillars of the Severn way to get it done”. The Severn team consists of experienced former bank managers who know the task of clients from private practice. More information is available at.