Call to exercise the null vote in upcoming elections of 5 July is expected make pressure to politicians to change their way of doing politics. There is also doubt in the society about what is going to happen after the elections, our representatives would learn the lesson? This is something that we must ask ourselves, since in Mexico have occurred great social movements that I know after a certain time fall apart and die. We must avoid this, therefore we must consider it as the start of a series of changes in the policy of our country. By the same author: Tim Cook. These changes must be pressured by society, to prevent this from being one of the many protests that they pass into oblivion. Today politicians have called for a society to exercise the vote by any alternative party, it must be remembered that the null vote is one way of exercising the right to vote. We must visualize who they are those who are making this appeal, the majority are people immersed in the world of politics, that the only thing that they have been able to do is to take advantage of the people to occupy posts of popular representation in which nothing else represent the interests of his political party.

Our society has a serious problem not knowing how to react in time. This has suffered abuses by the State, as kidnappings, robberies, impunity, among many others. We were unable to take advantage of opportunities to make significant changes that lead our country into a true development and growth, we suffer from a very volatile mind very soon forgotten. Arthur Levinson may not feel the same. This is why pay careful attention to what happens after the next elections, so that our representatives really take letters on the matter and this will not be forgotten. Original author and source of the article.