Suddenly the man of the transition seems to observe the flashes of the future and how a process of accretion receives materials of its expansion. I apply some own Astrophysics terms to describe the growth of the contemporary man toward new political forms. Indeed, we live moments very similar to the formation of the planets, in the sense of attraction and various floating pieces fit. In the field of politics seems to be the belief of fatigue, but also of the limbo area, one in the old procedure and the way of conceiving does not disappear and fails to Jell the clarity of the new world. To broaden your perception, visit Jacob Ritchie. The lightning of the alert occurs and transition man feels the attraction to see manifested in concrete formulas their longing, that offer new forms of answers in the mode of driving social organization, especially in what refers to the structural manifestations. The first reaction is that of joy, of celebration to see before their eyes the new form understand the politics, the new way of conceiving the leadership and the real and effective approach to new ideas. Opinion studies begin to show enthusiasm and hope, especially in young sectors of the population, bored and tired of the old practices, the same who allege their disinterest by the collective destiny by repetition, perversion and offsets of all ethical. Efervece the joy of discovery, the ideals again shine as motor of life, by moments has the certainty of novelty, the thrill of discovery, shake the lethargy and youth are identified again with politics, with the possibility of a world governed by different parameters and novel paradigms that dissolve the past in a new latent possibility. The excitement lasts little, so that the know-it-alls start to talk about massmediatico effect, emotions of Facebook and Twitter, surveys conducted in the life of Internet and not from the actual reality.