Managing Director Thomas Hintz

Safe Thermorollen from the company safe has been that are Thermorollen and rolls of the company in recent days in the media very often to a toxic”chemicals discussed. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Hewlett-Packard Chairman. This poison”involves Bisphenol A. (source: E.g. Star online) this chemical has been found in many everyday products. Among others, there were also remarks on television, on the Internet and in the press that this toxin in receipts reflected. The current explosive power took the company for the occasion, to appear to discuss this topic with the manufacturer of point-of-sale and Thermorollen in contact. The company Bonro from Dithmarschen in Schleswig-Holstein used exclusively quality paper from German production.

The manufacturers of these quality papers have provided online discounter Bonro safety certificates which, expressly certifying that the paper is purchased from tiny is considered toxicologically harmless. For interested customers has become Managing Director Thomas Hintz by Bonro ready explained, under the E-Mail address answer to stand. The cash register rolls, Thermorollen, adding roles, EC-cash can be purchased so continue roles etc. safely.