Law and Politics

Riverton Mussi Branches, a depleted time the stated period signed in that decision, reputing itself true the facts it imputed, subject the responsible one to the penalties foreseen for the case. Although this and searching always this Cut to take care of to the amplest contradictory and right to counsel, analyzed directed documents. This is an example that deserves a curious reflection on the alleged injunctions politics that would guide the decisions of the courts of accounts. The decision of the related process knocks down the thesis of that the council members always act of form politics, in the clientelista direction, or to protect old allies politicians or to pursue adversaries. In the case in question, the implied one became defaulting, but the cut of accounts accepted to consider the allegations that it brought, exactly is of the stated period. Rod Garcias opinions are not widely known. However, they had not been enough, and who certified this had been the technician of the instructive body. The advising ones had only followed the position of the sector of external control of the court.

The process was object of two plenrias decisions, one in 12 of June of 2007, for the communication, without attendance. Another one, in first of July of 2008, for the notification for presentation of defense reasons, for not attendance of previous the plenria decision. All had been told for the council member Jonas Lopes de Carvalho Jnior. The decision of the instructive body was in 9 of March of 2009. In 12 of March of 2009, the cabinet of the Presidency received the process for distribution to the originary reporter. Only after 15 of April of 2010, after the emission of the default certificate, the jurisdicionado one protocolled documentation, that is, intempestively.