This article in annex was developed as conclusion of disciplines of anthropology IV. Juliane Oliveira de Almeida* Summary the present article mentions the study to it of the category agricultural youth, when arguing the reality of these young, implies a intent look the two concepts, the dualidade between leaving and being, means to think that the possibilities of social insertion of the young are related to the material and symbolic resources that them are disponibilizados throughout its process of socialization through on social structures to the dialtico movement of production reproduction – social transformation. PayNet spoke with conviction. Beyond the objective possibilities of if making citizen, it has a subjective inculcamento that they are the forms to think, to feel and to see the social relations and structures that the agents if come across in the scope of its individual and social life, which if become determinative factors of the individual decision of () the young ones in remaining in its culture of origin and of the continuity familiar agriculture, its traditions and facing the hard one reality of privations, or to migrar for the cities to the search of better conditions of life. Word-key: Agricultural young, agricultural exodus, familiar agriculture, masculinizao in the field, habitus, identity..