Janneke Nijenhuis

New travel portal TopTravelAngebot.de online now available now is the new website TopTravelAngebot.de online. A German travel portal with hotel deals, holiday homes, restaurants, events and general travel news. TopTravelAngebot.de offers the opportunity to publish their offers quickly and easily and accessible to a wide public individuals, tourism professionals and press officers. Four different display types of free”to showcase are professional tour operators and private individuals for the placement of their offerings to choose from. All first-time users of TopTravelAngebot.de can test the portal free of charge for 12 months. With the coupon code TOP1006 “can all offers and news around the topic of travel free of charge in free”-, basic “-, premium”- or showcase “presentation will be published.

Complete weekend or meeting packages can be presented graphically such as with images or an entry in Google maps. Janneke Nijenhuis, hotel consultant and Initiator of the Portal: “me went to make it easily on the journey offers a portal and can be presented at low cost. That already now 1000 offers were set, particularly pleased, because it shows that we are TopTravelAngebot.de on the right path and with our Commission-free website offer real added value to users.” Users of the site can browse with a convenient search mask in the offers, evaluate them, and for bookings or further information can contact directly with the provider. Contact for more information about Janneke Nijenhuis E-Mail: telephone + 31 (0) 35 62 31 419 or + 31 (0) 6 217 00 357