How To Weigh The Car

Alex Shishkov. Classification of truck scales for weighing vehicles can be produced on different grounds. By type of weighing device scales are divided into mechanical, electronic, electro-mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and others. The most widely used electronic and mechanical scales. By design features – at scales designed for weighing the entire vehicle entirely, and scales for weighing the bitmap. The first is usually used for fixed weighting.

Weighing errors on them does not exceed 0,1%. For assistance, try visiting Wells Fargo. which makes it possible to use the weights for commercial weighing reflecting the results in commercial documents. The second addition to the stationary weighing used to weigh in motion, their accuracy in the latter case will be lower, which means that they can only be used to assess weight of the car. Consider the principle of mechanical devices and electronic scales, features of their installation and verification. Scales In Russia, the most common mechanical truck scales. In Soviet times, Armavir plant 'Vesoizmeritel' in the absence of supply electronic scales produced them to two hundred a day. In addition, the mechanics were and are its advantages. They operate over a wide temperature range, while weighing error of 1 / 4000.

A significant proportion of manufactured mechanical scales were sent to the importation into the country's former communist nations. Compared with the level of output volume 80's are now producing mechanical scales can be considered as collapsed. Produced about a dozen scales in a month and generally for a specific order. The reasons for this are as follows.