Eduardo Blanco

I went out to travel the country and you’re going to get tired of seeing sheds and sheds enclosed, empty. But do not try to deceive us politicians when they say that citizens live complaining and demanding. Him, for they regret, that listening to choir in any concentration of people is only one. Work. What people, claims is just work.

Having working people very well he knows how to do things to progress. But there is work is not an issue that the people themselves need to resolve. It is a duty, a commitment and an obligation of the State, hence the leadership that guides the destiny of any country. And so in a thriving and active Argentina that was the envy of many, who stood out by having a small and medium industry that grew and grew the country, began to collapse first some of the large companies following with medium-sized and small and finally leaving us virtually no national industry. Main source of funding for any country. Without production it is impossible that there is growth.

We make a brief description of the operation of an aspect of the economy. The companies (factories) or the set of them, compose the it (production) (production) that is to say working, pay salaries, extras and prizes (monetary income) in respect of remuneration. This set of salaries make up revenue and has as recipient families (consumption units) on the other hand the production (factories) offer (bid) goods placed on the market in order to sell them. But at who sells them? The public who are workers (consumption units) how can the public buy these goods? Using their (monetary income) for (expenses) for the goods they need, naturally creating a (lawsuit) this (demand) makes it to production (labour) need to increase assets seeking to get them going to the market to buy what they need. And (demand) generated causes the circuit to start. You want it simple. It is something like this: = people with working people that charges his salary. = People who charges his salary to people who spend. People who spend = generates demand for products. Demand for products = Need to manufacture. Need manufacture = factories in activity factories in activity = need for workers need workers = people with work and the circuit returns to begin new and indefinitely. It is that simple. As we saw; units of consumption are families. Or families, are in charge of generating the demand for goods and services in the market. By who? Because she has needs and to meet these needs, they must consume goods and services. But at the same time offer their resources, they are; work and capital companies (which on the other hand offer goods and services that families need) families well can pretend consume everything that needed them, or everything what you wish. But generally this not always achieved because they are subject to the budget you have. Their livelihood. Well so far the first part.