CIS Parts

To date, KAMAZ trucks require a lot of different parts due to a sizeable fleet of aging and high mileage of these vehicles. Initially, these hardy and strong cars have been designed to work in various remote areas with different temperature conditions. But no matter how sturdy a vehicle still fails and you have to buy spare parts for to repair the car. Buying auto parts stores or on the car market, you may encounter a fake, because today may be difficult to find spare parts for this car brand. Most large companies in the territory of Russia and the CIS offers its customers a KAMAZ trucks, as well as various kinds of spare parts. Such companies generally work only with factories – manufacturers that implement the cargo details. They offer a wide selection of trucks and original quality spare parts such as: bearings, gearboxes, motors, batteries, transmission, cab and etc.

Order spare parts can be delivered by various modes of transport. When ordering, the customer is invited to the most optimal mode of delivery appropriate to the criterion "duration / price. Rail way delivery provides for transportation of goods in railway containers to remote areas through the airlines, but for short distances – by car. Companies are trying to build relationships with customers based on mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation, trust and openness. We value our customers, so we take into account their interests and needs. Professionalism, high qualification and extensive experience of employees of companies put them at a higher level compared with other suppliers. A careful approach to the study of market trends of automobile spare parts, as well as individual approach to allow customers to take such companies leading position in the Russian market. Many companies offer their regular wholesale customers effective system of discounts.

Also today, you can make an order for the supply of original spare parts for KAMAZ online. Selecting the necessary spare parts you need to make and send a request, specifying the place and method of delivery. If necessary, all the details you can check with the company's employees over the phone. Source: Ltd. 'Transit-K'

Agrotechnical Requirements

With the technological scheme with preliminary removal of foliage botvoudalyayuschaya machine must be collected in the bunker at least 70% of the crop foliage. When cleaning the tops are not allowed to collapse rows of potatoes wheel assembly, the destruction of tuberous nests, extracting tubers on the surface of the field or being damaged. Botvoudalyayuschaya machine continues to collect the tops in the hopper and unload it in vehicles or collect it at the end of estrus in a heap. It should also be provided for spreading chopped tops in the field. Potato and potato harvesters have to dig up the tubers at a depth of 21 cm and a width of nests tubers to 40 cm Potato should draw on the field surface at least 95% of the crop of tubers. Tubers dug dvuhryadkovym diggers sifting type should be stacked strip no wider than 1 m. With separate cleaning Potato tubers should be dug to lay a felling of two, four or six rows.

This should remain the passages for the wheels combine-up. The width of the roll formed from two dug rows should be no more than 70 cm, and four – six rows – no more than 90 cm The thickness of the layer of soil and tubers in the rolls should not exceed 10 cm in the work of Potato allowed damage is not more than 3% of tubers by weight. Contact information is here: christie’s art auction. Harvester shall collect in the hopper at least 97% of the potato crop. Loss of all species are not must not exceed 3%. Clean potatoes in the container should be at least 80%. Number of mechanical damage to tubers of all types are allowed no more than 12%. When separate harvesting potato harvester with the selected device should collect from the roll formed valkoukladchikom-diggers, with two or four – six rows of at least 95% of tubers. Varieties of potato harvesters of modern potato harvesters were formed in result of the combination and the combination in a variety of relatively small amounts of separating and supporting the working bodies, different methods of issuance of tubers, as well as the use of different methods block design combines with power tools.

By way of aggregation harvesters can be divided into trailers, semi-mounted, mounted and self propelled. The first and second type of processor can be divided into having its own motor for driving the working bodies or agencies working with the drive shaft from the tractor PTO. However, the assignment of the combine to a particular class or group on these indicators have not yet completely characterizes its design and technological features. Therefore, as the most important classification criteria characterizing the technological scheme of the combine, take the following Indicators: completeness of execution combine the required operations, sequence of operations of the technological process, the nature of a process of separation shallow soil, type of ground separating the working body, type the working body for separating solids; direction of the mass in the implementation process, method of collection and issuance of tubers. Potato harvesters must fulfill the following consolidated operations: broken into beds with tubers, the tubers separated from the shallow soil, soil clods, stones, leaves and vegetable matter; submerge the potatoes in vehicles. Each of the consolidated operations at implementation of a mechanized way is divided into smaller ones, running one or more working bodies.

How To Weigh The Car

Alex Shishkov. Classification of truck scales for weighing vehicles can be produced on different grounds. By type of weighing device scales are divided into mechanical, electronic, electro-mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and others. The most widely used electronic and mechanical scales. By design features – at scales designed for weighing the entire vehicle entirely, and scales for weighing the bitmap. The first is usually used for fixed weighting.

Weighing errors on them does not exceed 0,1%. For assistance, try visiting Wells Fargo. which makes it possible to use the weights for commercial weighing reflecting the results in commercial documents. The second addition to the stationary weighing used to weigh in motion, their accuracy in the latter case will be lower, which means that they can only be used to assess weight of the car. Consider the principle of mechanical devices and electronic scales, features of their installation and verification. Scales In Russia, the most common mechanical truck scales. In Soviet times, Armavir plant 'Vesoizmeritel' in the absence of supply electronic scales produced them to two hundred a day. In addition, the mechanics were and are its advantages. They operate over a wide temperature range, while weighing error of 1 / 4000.

A significant proportion of manufactured mechanical scales were sent to the importation into the country's former communist nations. Compared with the level of output volume 80's are now producing mechanical scales can be considered as collapsed. Produced about a dozen scales in a month and generally for a specific order. The reasons for this are as follows.