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Second foreign language (French, German, Spanish, Arabic), an elective course, 6 hours per week duration – 14-20 weeks. Of course, you can learn a foreign language and courses outside the university, but for better and effective training of specialists in international study of foreign languages should be integrated into the program courses of this university. After all, we are not talking only about language acquisition in a free, conversational level in the ordinary sense. It is important to own professional language and terminology of international lawyers. But for the most successful learning a foreign language, as is known, must be immersion. Of course, the opportunity to go abroad, primarily related to financial issues, but no less important connection, the turned universities into the process of international cooperation. Friendship of the Peoples’ Befriending universities – not only nice and helpful, but prestigious, especially when it comes to international relations.

Practices, training, learning to share – not just sound intriguing, but certainly useful in mastering the profession and the foreign language, and as a separate item in the resume look good. List of international relations of universities, usually on the site, usually impressive. However, much more important to clarify which of these arrangements are in fact working and are directly related to students. One of the most popular forms of cooperation is to conduct studies on Foreign language teachers from abroad. Preparation of international lawyers is not complete without the inclusion in the curriculum of the international element. But if an independent student for the trip the border is usually paid from his own pocket, and, therefore, not available to everyone, then to invite qualified lecturers from abroad cares university.