Mnemonic Technique

What is language? Language – a tool for describing the objects and situations. A child learns their first language simply observing adults. This is the most natural way of learning the language. Modern methods of language teaching is very far deviated from this method. They are very complicated: invented the classification time, the right use of words and much more. Mnemonic technique.

We decided to return to the natural method of studying zyka. It would be especially effective for beginners. In order to implement this technique was established English language tutorial for beginners – “Sims”. Here’s how learning takes place in the tutorial. For a start look at the interface: For instance, we want to describe a situation in which the book is on the table. To this end, we choose the subject of “book”. For this, we find this word in the popup menu, select the subject: After this we can define an action that makes the subject. In our case, the subject must lie.

Now select the object deystaviya, in our case, the book is on the table. Notice how the text below. Now it says “The book is at the table”: In order to complete compilation of phrases have only zadat with a slider time (eg past): And the location of the subject with respect obekta: It is the most important thing! Reaching the desired phrase to us, we can see how it will sound in English: If you click on the “tell” the computer said the newly generated phrase in the chosen language. Play with the program can be any number. For example, try to make a big Offer: As you can see, it’s simple. Handle even a schoolboy. Here, however, described only small part of what is in the program. In addition, a dictionary, exercises, and the second level of the program with even greater opportunities for description of the situation and much more.


Technical Learning

Requirements for video- following: high quality audio, a good translation into your native language, playing specific situations, the presence of transcription (optional). Criteria for success here – easy to repeat words and phrases, the ability to write the word "by ear", to repeat any part of the course with the original tone (3-4 months). Step 2. You can then move to the original films and reading books. Movies look better, those that focus on contemporary events, not on historical themes.

Books choose the most simple, again preferably by contemporary authors. This phase should be devoted to training at least 1-2 months. Step 3. Once you have "been reading" and "Seen enough", it's time to move on to writing lyrics. If you want to learn not only to speak a foreign language and understand it, but also to write – always rewrite passages from books or viewed subtitles films. Of course, the writing of every word must be accompanied by a visual image of the object, repeating it aloud.

'Helpers' in learning a foreign language. Vast field of activity in mastering a foreign language in currently provides Internet access. There are plenty of programs that can help you in learning the language: the program-translator, electronic dictionary, a program for pronunciation, the program gives transcription for the input text, speech synthesis program and so on. Download the textbooks and dictionaries in some foreign language you can on my site. Quite often, in schools, particularly high, the practice this type of learning how to translate various texts into their native language – political, technical and artistic. There is even a concept such as "delivery of thousands" – when the student is required for credit transfer, say, 5 Technical thousand characters of text. When learning a foreign language to which you aspire, to do in any case do not! If the text of the book you understand – why it translate into their native language? It's like that again write head is reading the book. And if you do not understand the text, we have to open the dictionary, look in the program-translator suitable phrases to finish it … probably because you get tired of flipping dictionaries, you get bored search for translations of expressions, and at best you will lose time, and at worst – and spits out cast, attend! So, to repeat briefly the main provisions in learning a foreign language. 1. Recordings of high quality 2. Video courses with a good audio recording and transfer 3. View the original movies with subtitles on contemporary themes 4. Reading books in the original, it is desirable to contemporary authors. Another article on 'The study of foreign Languages' I hope this article will help you learn a foreign language quickly and enjoyably. Receive the joy of learning, to feel love for everything new – this, believe me, great happiness! Good luck! I. Leonov


Judicial Instances

When to Sentencia of separation or divorce a regime of one-parent or exclusive safekeeping in favor of one of the ancestors pays attention, a complete regime of visits settles down for the other, that could identify like the maintenance between the same and its children of a relation and contacts with limited character. Actually totality of the situations is to the mother to whom grants the safekeeping to him completes on the children, corresponding then to the ancestor man a regime of visits, that will include/understand all type of communications with the same and stay of these in its company in certain periods of time (week ends and part of the vacations, for example). How would work east regime of visits? In Sentencia of separation or divorce (or, where appropriate, in the regulating Agreement of which they could have agreed to the ancestors) the opportune forecasts will settle down on the content of the same, and in particular: -On the communications with the children during the stated times. -On the time that these happen together and, in particular, on the pernoctaciones of the children in its home, being able to decide with freedom the activities that wish to realise in those moments. Any interference on the part of the other ancestor in the free exercise of its Right of visits could be shown before the corresponding Judicial Instances. Also, could be solicitd to that clarified whichever controversial questions or indetermine they could consider. The respect to this regime also would be essential on the part of the ancestor without the safekeeping. Thus, to skip the schedules determined without reason for continued way or to interfere with the exercise of the safekeeping on the part of the other could be very serious activities that affect negatively to the exercise of their Right in the future.

Key questions to consider For the success of this modality, and even a possible reconversion to a regime of safekeeping shared between both ex- spouses, would be precise that this Right was developed of civilized and warm form, being developed enters the same active cooperation in the best interest of its common children. Regardless of the differences of the pair after the rupture, with complete certainty both always are going to wish the best thing for those children. Taking that as departure point is possible that this one regime works.


Naturalistic Intelligence

This article will be turned to naturalistic intelligence, thus showing to factors come from quarrels in the academy of Gardner and other specialists toward the understanding of the reality through this new perspective. On the basis of used studies and concepts today in the academy, this article intends to present a reflection regarding Multiple Intelligences, instituted previously for the scientist Howard Gardner. Words keys: Environment, Education, Perception. UK Special Situations Fund describes an additional similar source. Introduction: Naturalistic Intelligence, and its applications for the advance in the education, will be the guideline of this article, having relevance from consideraes presented for recent research, to show the ideas come from this conscience, eighth in the relation of Howard Gardner. According to Gardner, evaluation still must be ecologically valid, that is, it must be made in known environments and must use known materials of the evaluated children being. The natural environment, says it, is ' ' essential for one better understanding of the life with meio' ' , it made that to tell it its aspirations in the resolution of the eighth intelligence, Naturalistic Intelligence.

Naturalistic Intelligence: In 1996, Gardner made the first magnifying of its original listing adding naturalstica intelligence. It described the naturalist as an individual ' ' apt to recognize flora and fauna, making relative distinctions to the natural world and productively to use this ability in agriculture or sciences biolgicas' '. Although the ability to appreciate the life to the outdoors or to feel themselves comfortable next to the nature is important aspects of this intelligence, it has been characterized more as a capacity to discern, to identify and to classify plants and animals, of what an ability to coexist the nature. More recently, Gardner pointed the naturalistic intelligence, that is present in the biologist and in who it has ecological sensitivity, however very moreover, it is turned toward the question of the daily one, where it revealed enthusiastic in relation that each time more the people tend to use it to decide problems in its day the day.



From the moment where it defines the trend with which it will go to work, is necessary that the educators are cliente so that they understand the importance to make to happen to the accomplishment of this strategy. It is clearly that it will have moments where the professor must oppose it certain situations. The resume can be compared with a mirror, therefore it reflects the trajectory of life of the institution, leaving of its organization, experiences and objectives to be reached. The resume is seen as experience because it is part of the daily life in such a way of the professors how much of the learning. Through it, they appear the questionings of the lived experience, form that is made an analysis of what it is right or wrong.

It searchs the essence through the experiment. Ghedin et al (2006, P. 139) it affirms that ‘ ‘ … we understand the resume as corporate object that contains peculiarities when applied and developed inside of one determined educative system, acquiring body and peculiar essence. … ‘ ‘. According to author, the resume that is worked of correct form presents ways for the development of a significant education. For this, its necessary politics to be entailed to the social context of the individual, since it is an object that possesss good.

In this direction, its existence inside of the educative system is charged. 1.1.1 Etimologia of the Resume the term resume has its Latin origin, where it presents some concepts. With this, the word suffered some transformations, but it did not lose the original direction, always protecting its essence. Currere appeared of the verb, that it means (to run). He was known as Curriculum, that was a name ‘ ‘ neutro’ ‘ for being in the plural one. Resume means ‘ ‘ carreira’ ‘.


The Application

or rather several reasons: 5.Kogda over you trying to joke you can not find an answer and because attacks continue, while others simply make a counter attack – in the playful form of mock assailant. At Donald Gordon you will find additional information. 6.When you respond to the attack, showing you hurt your opponent is simply continues to cause you pain – other people do not show their feelings, cleverly hiding their emotions and not engaging in skirmishes, proving his innocence, etc. or simply change their attitude towards problem (can not worry about nothing – say what you want I'm not interested). 7.Kogda over you trying to make a joke, you're never rudely did not meet the striker on a variety of reasons – other people are willing to answer any way, so you no longer have any desire to challenge … 8.Vy not know how to forget about the attacks causing yourself more pain than forwards – others are just fun, they just learned to get distracted and do not live problems, and may hit on you, so calming.

Lunges are all, you may be exposed to them more often than others, and you a little harder, but you have to remember that each situation must act so that you have benefited from minimal losses. If the attacks occur at work, probably need to solve the problem of finding a painful point forwards, think of what and how to answer … just find a job easily, it is necessary just read the declaration on the application to work properly and resume, but certainly in the new job is still a problem in your behavior – it needs to change and become less easy target for attacks. If you are still changed work immediately show everyone that they will not listen to the comments in his address, much less discuss them. (There is a parable about the man who beat his wife.'s Husband in the company of his friends told him about the problem and advised hack to death with a saber cat, to show who is boss in the house. When my husband came home he took the cat and killed in front of his wife, but a woman who killed her husband's fury. Morality – it was necessary to immediately show who's boss … My wife just got used to beat my husband and he has had much more effort to just get rid of the attacks of his wife.) Remember that you have read earlier in this article – "attack is a reflection of the fact that the man who made him unhappy." Be happy and resourceful enough to poor people did not even attempt to rise through you. Source: Konstantinovsk.Kom


Resume Tips

Resume Tips Some basics about job search … First, no one owes you a job! This obvious fact is often overlooked by the eager job hunters – at least for a couple of months – when he or she gives up looking for a job! Many people think that employers should hire because of his winning personality. Donald Gordon has many thoughts on the issue. You have to have a little something to show for itself, in addition to his beautiful smile. The simple truth is, you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd for their potential employer really hear what they have to say. A great resume is the best place to start. Action statements about what they have actually managed to excel in a curriculum. Vague statements can really hurt your chances for a position.

Your resume is the first opportunity to impress an employer. Do not ruin this opportunity with silly spelling errors and information cloudy. Employers love concise, well thought out curriculum. Your resume is the map employment. It should lead to a job and not in the trash. Write it as you spent last year perfecting it. It should never sound like it was shed together in an hour. A good way to stand out from the competition is expressing its desire to work with a little extra effort.

There are ways to depart from the convention and there are still the norm. A summary paper is the norm. Resumes can take any form your imagination takes you.


Emperor Alexander

After he was counted among the Kherson Province. Finally, May 17, 1817 Highly approved by the Committee of Ministers Kryukov position on all parts of control attached to the province of Poltava. In the city of Kremenchug and Kryukov not kept any of the ancient historical sites and even no more buildings have existed since the 18th century in order. So what can be considered as the oldest commissioned the construction of City Council in 1801 as well as the Cathedral of the Dormition church, start construction in 1801, the plan and the facade of which are recognized by the Emperor Alexander I by the elegance and taste is very commendable." This church Postoev part of the means of the city, and part on donations from individuals and grants to be sent from the towns comprising at that time is running malorosiyskogo general – governor of Prince Kurakin. The whole country is now occupied by the catholic church, the present area and was built in places philistine yards, which were torn down and replaced them identified other urban places. The current Church of the Transfiguration now arranged for the residents of the place of the old church of the same name, in that as seen from the papers' permission was sought for spiritual team.

" Place occupied by this the church purchased from the city coffers in 1800 godu.Evreysky bits and pieces, currently at almost half the population of most of Kremenchug, as is evident from extant data, in the last century has lived in Kremenchug "In small numbers," and in 1780 had there property and its special "hospital" in 1801 and renamed the hospital. By a decree dated September 27, 1798 Jews were allowed to establish in Kremenchug "Kahal and allow them to urban elections and if the public agree that izberat in office. "From the recent past and the larger events were memorable for flood Kremenchug was 1845. And the fires in 1838, 1848-1853-1855. Ruined many people to the fact that the Government was forced to give loans to benefit from the treasury with razsrochkoyu payments for several years. Finally holding the railroad through the Kremenchug in 1870 and the construction of an iron bridge across the Dnieper River in 1872, given the Kremenchug opportunity to have a direct bearing on stalitsami, Odessa and other commercial cities.

The holding of these pathways in the existence of navigation on the Dnieper River, in addition to private comforts and benefits should be very important to development of active trading in Kremenchug and profitable marketing of products Pridneprovsk impurity region, rather bogadymi natural products of their own. In 1873 in Kremenchug, proceed to the device artileriyskih warehouses, which is assumed to concentrate all the military supplies the Odessa District. Thus Kremenchug okazyvaetsya not only trade but also a strategic point. However, with this you can not not pay attention and do not regret that Dnepr representing so many conveniences and benefits of trade – in recent years more and more suzhivaetsya and shallower, and now more and more frequently heard complaints about the increase in indirect and shoals that make it difficult steamship message and timber rafting. PS Translation from old Russian language, tried to save the style information transmission without changing the words, so the text vstrechayut old Russian Cyrillic words without translation.


Telros Telecom

Very difficult question, which confronts the designers, as well as you need to lay optic cable lines, fiber optic choose a single-mode or multimode, which optical equipment and optical adapters should I use? Does it make sense to use to build data centers in the pre-terminated optical assemblies? We detail the design issues of optical cable lines in the data center the requirements of standards and growth prospects of the data center. How to set telecommunication cabinets in the data center, which imposed requirements for telecommunications cabinets in data centers that need to take into account in setting the assembly constructs in a data center? Proper alignment issues reschenie telecommunication cabinets is very important and crucial in building a data center, so the workshop, we will discuss it in detail. + Guide 'Design and SCS systems in the data center conduit + participants will receive a unique author's guide' Design and SCS system conduits in the data center. " With this guide you can after the seminar complete the project and SCS system conduits in the data center. Testimonials about workshops Vladimir Chikarin, arche, Omsk, 'Thank you so much for the seminar. All very cleverly chewed. The online seminars are convenient because we have similar events in the Omsk rarity.

A trip on the same Novosibirsk takes time and extra costs. And then straight on the job 🙂 'Igor Kireev, Invest-Project, Moscow: "He participated in your workshop. It is very necessary work! Especially liked business approach to the coverage of the material, the ability to ask questions during the seminar, and most importantly get them satisfactory answers. "Apokin Anna, LLC Microinform, Minsk, Belarus:" It is like the workshop! Especially pleased that this is my first experience in this kind of seminar. I consider it important to talk about "simple truths" that are not written in clever books, and, unfortunately, comes only with experience in practice. "Elena Petrova, Telros Telecom, St.

Petersburg: "The workshop left a good impression. The obvious things that a designer needs to know and to the seminar, have been placed in "shelf" and available in detail. In addition, the seminar itself and the way it was filing very comfortable and interesting. Thank you! 'Knowledge – is not just power, is what allows the firm to outperform its competitors, Organizational issues * Start date – August 18, at 12-00 * Duration of training – 3 hours * The cost of the training course, including management, 6,000 rubles Links * Instructions on connecting to the Internet workshop can be found here * The information about the data center is located at this site required technical tools: * Internet access – 256 kbit / sec headphones or speakers


New Year

Brothers and sisters. This is, perhaps, those family members who choose a gift for which the easiest way. It is true, be sure to pay attention to age of the gift recipient. For 20-year-old sister would be appropriate to present the ticket to the spa, rather than a fluffy pink Ushastik. Rejoice youngest set of children's cosmetics or zakolochek-rezinochek with rabbits and kittens. Brother appropriately to give more practical and technological gifts – players with headphones, a new computer game. In the extreme case, and that, and another can purchase a t-shirt with a cool image of a character, or your with him (her) photo large format, pre-decorated in the "Hare" style with ears and tails. Children.

They are always happy to receive any gifts, whether it's stuffed toys, a new designer or a set of clothes for dolls. Generally, children in advance make "orders" to Santa Claus in a special letter or "secret" talk about their dreams of their parents. Moms and dads, listen to these words and try to make the dream a reality, of course, within a reasonable poverty and material costs! After the New Year – this time the magic! As for the character year, that kids just love bunnies and kittens in all their manifestations, far more than any other animal – this is not fiction, and Official statistics facts The older generation (grandparents). Show them you care, and presented a gift of a warm blanket or slippers with cleft ears. Appropriate will also be of any items for the health, comfort and positive emotions. Photos of grandchildren in the rabbit costume – ideal! Well, of course, elementary remember at the first opportunity to call on him on a visit to congratulate himself – it would be very nice! If your satellites in the New Year's Eve are not family members, but simply expensive and loved ones, then further discussions will be designed specifically for you.

Friends will like "rabbit" or "cat" party with appropriate dress code. Is not it a gift? And all at once! In addition you can stock up on the same set of key chains or pens with the symbol of the year, which will be further presented to all members of the company. Trifles of course, but your friends will enjoy from services token. Favorite. Men need to work hard to make their "kitty" or "hare" was nice and comfortable to celebrate the New Year. In addition to creating a special atmosphere in the New Year's Eve, should care about a present that will long remind donors. This may be a subscription to a fitness club or beauty salon. Cats are very fond of them, they are graceful and caring for the beauty of his hair and acuity kogotochkov. Understand what we are hinting at? As for the ladies who want to congratulate their cavaliers, the appearance in the suit, the Hare of the cake – it will just be the bomb, which will not leave anyone indifferent man colleagues. The main rule when choosing a gift for them – nothing personal! Ideal – desktop calendar with bunnies, rack and handle the cat. If a present is chosen for the bosses, they can serve as a statue, painting, organizer, etc., in general, all "official", which can to show your respect to his person. We hope that our advice in choosing the New Year's gift helped someone of you solve the problem of choice. It remains only to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!